Saturday, February 12, 2011

DOLLS - PORCELAIN - Dollar Tree Dolls

You see these little porcelain dolls!
I just
bought them from the Dollar Store.
They were only $1.00 each!
Such a good bargain!
And they are at that store NOW.
They have 8 different colors to
choose from.
Black hair, red hair,
red, purple dress or rose dress.
Here are the fronts of three dolls.
Their dresses are so cute.
Here is what the backs of their
little dresses look like.

My original intent for buying them
was for children, especially
since they looked like children.
I placed a ruler beside Emily and
a dollar tree doll.
It is hard to see the height withmy see-thru ruler. 
I made the porcelain doll 6 inches tall.
The little doll is 5 inches.

The little dolls are cute but I
do not believe were meant
to be miniature dollhouse dolls.
Plus their faces are much bigger
than my porcelain doll that I show here.
It is a possibility that these
dolls could be made into Christmas
tree ornaments. Even though I would
not need or use them for that purpose.

I will use the doll until it starts
to irritate me before I start
buying any little children.
Eventually I will keep their little
dresses to hang in a closet.

On the red
haired doll with the green dress, her hat
is glued on - just peel it off.
If you have
to cut some of the hair off - then do trim
as closely to the hat as possible.
Be careful, so you can reuse
this hair!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Am not sure how expensive braiding
materials are as I never looked up their
prices or bought any.
If I need any braiding materials, before
Easter comes - then I head off to the thrift store,
that is, if I do not care about
the item/items being new.
If you buy at the thrift store, these
items are so easy to clean.
Unless someone spilled and stained
the item really bad, then clean-up
should be easy enough.
But if I do care about it being brand new, like for instance
if I were going to sell the item.
Then I would definitely head to
Wal-mart to where I would buy
it brand new.
Wash with detergent and/or bleach.
Also I want to say, that when you do
wash these items - then wash them
after you take them apart so the braids
can drip dry!
ONE SOURCE - Placemats!
This was a round placemat bought at the thrift
There was only this one - no mates or I would
have bought them all.
This lovely blue placemat cost me a mere 25cents.
There is a lot of braiding here!

This is what the placemat looked like when
I bought it.
Already plenty of threads loose/broken.
This is the way that I like to find them - helps out!
To unravel is easy!
Find the edge as you see here.
Tug at the edge until you can see some threads.
With a pair of sharp scissors, cut those threads.
You might have to cut those threads for a couple
of inches or might not.
It is just according on tight the stitches are.
Then all you do is just pull the braiding away from
the other braiding like you are ripping cloth!

Pull off as much as you want!
Under an inch.


At first thought - I wanted to keep a large
piece of this in tact, cause I wanted
a huge area rug!
But this was too big.
So I unraveled plenty more and stopped.
Cut off with scissors what you want.
If you only need a little bit of braiding, then
stop unraveling.
It is better to keep it in this shape than it is
to unravel every bit of it and then must
figure out how to store all of that braid.

I cut off a lot of braiding here.
But I want the rug smaller so I will pull off
some more.
When/if I do make this into a rug, all I have to
do is take the edge and sew it back down.

See the thread loops on the braid.
Find the edge and just start pulling it and
the thread will quickly unravel.
If the thread stops, then it is because they ran out
of thread and had to apply another spool,
when this happens, merely cut the threads again
and start unraveling.
This step is fast and easy.

Take these apart the same was as the placemat.

I do not show you the edge here.

A large hank of braids!!!

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