Monday, September 28, 2009

DOLLHOUSE - that My Dear Hubby Built Me - Furniture

Here are some furniture pieces
that were used the Dollhouse
that my dear hubby built for me.
Most of it was bought from Hobby Lobby
in 1994.
Am still looking for the little rugs as I would
like to cut them up.
The pink/mauve looking carpet under the
sofa set was thrown away because of the
glue stain that was under the wood book is.
I kept the wood floor under the table and
chair set.
The kitchen set that I used was just a sink
and a stove.
No refrigerator at all was used because
the space is tiny.
A screen hid the space from view.


I need to look for the Bed again, cause
I know that I still have it.
I will add that in here once I find it.
There are a few things that I could not
find, but when I find them, then I
will put an update with those pics.

First Floor - Antique Shop
Table and chair set that I used.
A small cake pillar.

A bird cage.
Stove made with a Spam can.
Directions were taken from
a book in the library.
As you can see, 2 pieces have
since fell off, but can be
glued back on.
A cash register which is a pencil sharpener.
It is a little bit big, but I love the ornate-ness
of it.
To empty pencil shavings, just open the
drawer with your fingers.
Still works! Just insert pencil and turn
the handle.
Love the ornate sides.
The back is so nice that you can display this!
An old clock pencil sharpener.
A hall bench-type hat tree.
Second Floor - Living Room Area
Love seat.
Fireplace I used.

 Coffee table used.

Cow picture that I made.
It is a picture that is
glued to a piece of white foam core board.
This is the cabinet that I used along the
wall beside the table and chairs.
A close up of the contents on each
Second Floor - Room
This little music stand stood close
to the doorway.
A tall white cake pillar stands
to the left of it and another gold
small cake pillar is to the right.


Second Floor - Bedroom Area
I made the seat from the gold tissue box.
The directions came out of a library book.
I deviated from the directions by adding the
skirt at the bottom.
Seat cushion needs re-doing.
Side view of the little sofa.
Skirt needs pressing down and this has been
boxed since 1997 when we moved.
Back of the little sofa.

 This was the canopy that I made
to go above the bed.
The sheer fabric is nylon and is
Back side of the canopy.
I had it glued on the wall above the
bed close to the ceiling.
UPDATE -  I found a couple of pics of the bed.
Bed is made from a square gold metal tissue box.
Made back in 1994 from directions in a library
I made the bedding from very good cotton.
All was sewn by the sewing machine.
I tried to play down the gold tone
of the frame with cream color bedding.
No stains or yellowing of any kind is on the
How lucky am is that?
A top view.

Just a side/top view.
Just a side view showing the angel that is glued
on each side to the bottom of the bed.
Tryin to hide some raw edges that
could cut you.

Thank you for stopping by!