Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Apartment #10 - The Taylor's wallpaper

Hello Everyone. I sure do hope
that you had a lovely Christmas and a
great New Year!
I know I am late but a lot has been happening around
my home. New year - new beginnings and
new trips to the doctors!
Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! I
do visit your blogs, but most of the time I do
not have time to leave a comment before
someone needs me for something.
Gee, it takes me so long to decide on wallpaper
and furnishings to go into these apartments. Not to
mention trying to decide how to design the
layout of these apartments.
This apartment is going to house a small family. I
am not sure how I am going to do it yet, but I hope
to figure it out.
I like the white floors but I am not sure at this point
if I want a wood-look, or if I want to keep the floor
just as it is. What do you think?
The wallpaper has a host of colors.
I have room for a small closet here, I think. I hope
that I can make this work. My fingers are crossed!
Hopefully this picture shows the wallpaper colors
Here is the side of the room. Dolls will enter
into this side of the room from behind the pink
and cream wall
Behind this papered wall is where the door is supposed
to go. It is such a little space behind - that we are
going to have to pretend that a door is behind here
since there is no room.
This same wallpaper is also on the backside
 of this wall and can be seen when apartment #9
has their door open
This wall will hold the large bay window. The
apartment is already looking strange, isn't it?
Thank you for visiting me and as always your
comments mean a lot to me.
Be safe and be happy!