Sunday, January 27, 2013

TUTORIAL - Witch Permelia's Vanity from an Ideal Petite Princess Vanity

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I did not take any pics here on this Tutorial -
but I do have pics on the Shabby Chic Vanity!!
VANITY'S an idea struck in my head.
Believe me
the Vanity that I bought did not look this good!
My Vanity's top was peeling off.
The mirror was
not anywhere near the beauty of this mirror.
The skirt was dirty and smelly.
And I did not even
receive a matching stool!
My Vanity was very
cheap and ugly for $2.99. But it is okay for a witch!!
I do not like to tear
up something like this but I do like a MAKE-OVER.
I like to remake, remix and reuse items
to make better use of them.
So if you do this then try to
buy the worst Vanity you can!

This is what these vanity's look like.
I originally bought one like this cause
I wanted the mirror.
However these vanity's are short.
If I had a doll that was sitting and her legs
were posed in such a way that her
legs were spread out - then I would need
to keep the vanity this short.
But I like a little height. That is my own
 When I made the witch Permelia's
vanity and mirror, it was trial and error.
I had to find something that was
relatively cheap to raise up
the height that I wanted.

I washed up the mirror frame and painted the
ugly gold frame black.
Then I peeled up that speckled
ugly top. I did not like it anyway.

Man!! was I surprised to see
the beautiful look that the glue had left on the vanity
It looked like woodgrain!
I did not paint this!!!

This gave me courage to finish what I
was doing. 
I threw away the white smelly skirt
and it's gold trim.

To make the Vanity
taller what I did was to cut
good sturdy corrugated cardboard
to the height that I wanted which was 2.5 inches.
I cut the length to about 10 inches.
After measuring around the vanity, making
sure that would fit, I then
glued it into a tube.

I painted the corrugated cardboard
black and glued black lace on top of that.
Funny how the cardboard looks like fabric!!
I did not cut off the
Vanity's short legs.
I did the opposite - I used them for support for the mirror.
Then I used Tacky Glue
to adhere the skirted cardboard to the Vanity.

This is easy to do, but it can be time consuming.
I must admit that
I had to hold the cardboard in place till the glue held!
And this took about 5 minutes I guess
because I used a lot of glue!
After the glue dried I glued on some white
trim and then some black trim to hide anything that
looked yucky.
Lastly,  I glued back on the mirror. I wish
I could show you the underside of the Vanity but I
These were the only photo's that took.
I did not know that I could even make it work.
But it did work!
 The fun came while decorating the top.
I reduced some pics of witches
and then stuck them between the
cracks of the mirror and the frame.
On top I placed
a tall white resin witch.
I would paint it but I kind
of like it white! There are some perfumes and a
brush on top.
To top it off I hung Permelia's
Pink Witch Hat on the edge of the frame!
I hope you like it as much as I do.
This is a
great project!
I bought another UGLY, CHEAP
Look for that tutorial on the sidebar!
That Tutorial will be better than this one!
 Thank you for visiting me!