Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DOLLS - PORCELAIN - 8 Female Dolls That I Made

Back in 1994,
Hobby Lobby had these
little miniature doll kits.
The kits were only the head,
arms and legs.
Do you remember these kits?
I bought lots of these kits at the time.
Might still have a few of those
kits floating around here somewhere
in a box.
Back then, I strung them together
with pipe cleaners, but I did not
wrap any of them.
If you do not wrap the pipe cleaners
it make the dolls very flimsy.
I also dressed the dolls and
wigged them.
Do not understand how I did that, but
today my hands and my mind
do not want to comprehend it.
But these dolls need new clothing,
and need to be wrapped.
Plus needs a new wig!
Here are 8 females and one male
that I made.
The other male is a plastic doll
that I need to dress.
I only name my dolls when they
get used into settings.
None of these have been used.
Been boxed up for many, many
Not bad considering their ages.
Doll #1 - I think that I wanted her
to be an actress/singer.
She sure does have a head of
massive blonde hair on her head!
Also I am not sure if I put
that dot on her face or if
the doll came with it.
Like her stole.
She is very photogenic.


Doll #2 - Love her hair color.
Wears a soft black velveteen

Her hair is still nice.
I might keep it.
Does not look bad.

 Like the back also. Not too bad.

 Body needs wrapping.

Doll #3 - Dressed in a pink gown.
Has a white slip on underneath the
pink lace.
Glue stain on the white slip.
Oops! dust in her hair.
Do not know what I was trying to
make with the back.
Anyways doesn't matter now -
need to re-dress!
Doll #4 - Has a mass of curls
that I really love!

A pretty face with all of those curls.

Pearls in her hair.


2 unruly curls.


Doll #5 - Love her sandy color hair.
Black velveteen gown with white pleats.
Red ribbon trim with red roses.

Messy glue around the hairline.
Do not have anymore of this hair color.

Back of dress and hair.

Doll #6 - Blonde wears a bluish
green skirt with a matching
ribbon bodice.
Lace Sleeves.

Unruly mess of hair for bangs.

Blonde's backside.

Doll #7 - Brown haired beauty!
Needs wrapping and clothes.
 Do love her hair color and her
old-fashioned hair style.

Doll #8 - White gown with pearls.
Was very nice fabric for the gown.


My 2 males.
My red haired man.

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