Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Apartment John Donovan or J.D. - MOVED IN!

John Donovan or J.D.
is all moved in.
He is a simple man!
Not a lot of foo-foo here!
The bottom floor apartment has double French
A great accent for this apartment.
J.D. saw this apartment before the realtor had
time to list it.
He snapped it up PRONTO!!!
Before it even got finished!!!
How desperate is that!
 No steps to enter into the apartment.
But J.D. did not care, he just climbs up.
Oooo the door is open.
Let's go inside!!
J.D. says, 'Come on it'.
Looks like a long hallway!
Looks roomy and airy.
According to which way you look in,
is to what you see first!
A nice brick floor.
When you step inside, there is a fireplace to the right.
Of course it is non-working, but the
landlady promised to get it
working as soon as she could.
Not much on the fireplace.
A grandfather clock stands in the corner.
Sorry about the blur in the mirror.
Wanted you to see his 2 chairs.

The French door on the right is locked.
J.D. put this low table in front of it.
His ancestor is in the frame.
He does not like to hang it, so it just
sets propped up.
His suede luggage sets on top of the table.
With one bag beneath it.
A smaller leather bag sets to the right of the
Another bag lays on the floor underneath.
A book on the table.
I made all of the luggage back in the 90s.
The kitchen area is much more wider than what
it really looks.
J.D. could put a table on this side,
but he did not need it.
Nor did he want one.
This kitchen set used to be white.
I painted it a grey-black color.
It looks blue, but it is not!!
I wanted you to see just how roomy everything
looks from this view!

This is what the area looks like behind the
kitchen sink and old-fashioned refrigerator.

 This is where J.D.s office will be.
He needs peace and quiet.
 2 bookcases stand side by side.
It divides his office from his bedroom.
This helps to keeps his bed area clean.
This will work out great when he starts making
a mess with paper!
Oops! he does need a trash can!
Wanted you to see thru the opening where the
window has not been put in yet.
J.D. did not care!
His dusty chair had been in storage too long!!
J.D. has a line of site straight to the
front door.
He can see in a moments notice who
comes up.
And can choose whether or not he wants
to answer the door.
Clever man!!
A few books already in his bookcase.
The rest of the shelves are for his
J.D. decided he would do a little
bit of work while it was still
light outside.
He is a hard working man!
Oooo the  window was put in yesterday.
J.D. is happy!!

 Here he is hard at work again!
Here is J.D.s brass bed.
His trunk is full of books and
The view from the kitchen into the bedroom
and office area.
I outfitted the sink with tin foil so it looks like
a steel sink.
It sure is shiny!
Also a drawer is missing.
Here is what the apartment looks like.
The only thing here that you have not seen
is the red chair.
This red resin chair is also by Raine.
Another view of the entire apartment.
A view from the top to show the top of the bed
The bed has white sheets and pillows.
I decided to take the grandfather clock out of the
living area and place it near the bed.
I really like the 2 bookcases used as a wall.
Yes, the grandfather clock looks better here.
J.D. has had a long day getting his home in order.
He ate a piece of cake and now is resting.
Here you can see the true color of the
refrigerator and sink area.
 Hope you enjoyed J.D.s apartment.
Thanks for stopping by!