Friday, November 30, 2018

APARTMENT PENTHOUSE #3 - LUCILLE - Still moving around

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all are enjoying the holidays.
Christmas is just around the

I have been playing in Lucille's apartment.
Am not sure if everything will remain the
way that you will see it in this posting.
I can only we will see as I am
notorious for changing things.

First off, I ended up removing the white kitchen
and added back the original kitchen.
It being smaller it fit better in the space.
The refrigerator only stuck out a little where the
white set stuck out a lot.
That irritated me. 
So, the kitchen looks like the last posting where it
looked like steam was rising from the pot.
I put the round table with blue topper back in
there and put the china cabinet
also back in the corner. 
No chairs in there 

I did like Elizabeth's suggestion to put the
chair where you can see it.
When I can find the other chair then
I will put both chairs in there.

The window affords a view to the bed.

Not sure at this point if I will even decorate
the kitchen as it will not hardly be seen.

I have been playing with this apartment for a
long time.
I have had the fireplace for quite a few years and]
this is a great spot for it.
I am re-using the bed that was in the Christmas
The little houses was also grabbed out of another
one of my existing apartments. 

The picture above the fireplace is a miniaturized 
version of me and my husband shortly
 after we were married.
My hair was way down my back but I cut it off
before this picture. 
It sure was easier to take care of!

I also made my tunic outfit out of polyester! 
Yuk - that fabric was so rough and cold but it
was all that I had.
A pair of matching pants was underneath.
The original photo hangs downstairs.

A little brass tricycle toy sits on the fireplace.
I cannot remember where I got that from.
The words 'Friends' came from A.C. Moore crafts
store a few years ago.
It just suits this mantel.

Try not to mind about the 3 liquor bottles.
Lucille likes to entertain and also relieve some
stress while she is just sitting around not
doing anything. 

The 2 little side pics were given to me years ago

I dressed this bed myself.
It is a cheery fabric and still looks new.
Basically it has never been removed from this bed. 

It looks bare behind the bed.
So I had to figure out something to put there.
I think the rug looks good here with the little hint
of pink that it shows.

Obviously a plant was the answer, so I took
one of these 3 inch high Wilton cake pillars and 
removed the bed to place it back there.

I placed the pot on top and realized that it was a
little too low and it sunk in that hole!
I took some cardboard, fit it to the corner, sat the
cardboard on top and then sat the plant on
It worked and I didn't glue anything just in
case I change my mind and find something
else to go in that spot.

Looks better doesn't it especially since I don't
want any curtains, but I should have touched
the windows up with a little bit of paint.
From far away you cannot see the plant stand.

You can see earlier that I had stuck a closet not far
from the bed.
There was a little bit more space so I decided to
put the vanity there beside the pictures.
I forgot to take pics really of the vanity but I think
that if you zoom in you can see some.

The reflection in the mirror is where you can see
the round table and the corner china cabinet.
Also the gown I made needs a place to go as of
yet it stands in front of the table for now.

There are no clothes in the closet yet, but I did
hand this little blue blouse there.
However it is not Lucille's taste or style!

I have forgotten where I got the heels in the box
I have had them a long time too.
The hat on the vanity is from a set. 
It includes a hat box, hat and purse which you
will see later.

The hat stand hardly fits on the vanity.
A little purple perfume bottle can barely be
seen behind the hat stand. 
It is hiding!
I made the necklace that is shown in the little

Lucille's vanity holds her comb, brush and 2
perfume bottles.

The chair, table with lamp and the chaise
all were used in the Christmas room.
Look! Lucille has already set out 2 glasses of
strawberry wine!!!
She must be expecting someone over!

The hatbox sits okay on top of the closet.

Not a bad view so far.

Here is the gown.
In case you are wondering there are 3 tutorials
on how to make it along with another one.
Both different.
The tutorials are easy just lengthy.

Bottom of the gown shows her gold slippers.

A better close up of her heels.
I guess I should have turned them around so you
could see them better.
Sorry about that.

The gown resides at the foot of the bed.

Surprise!!! I moved the chairs and table out and
I moved the gown!
I decided that I did not like seeing the side of
the refrigerator.
It gives a little more room.

It seems to work well here!
Although it does not really hide the refrigerator
all that good.

I put the furniture back in.
And added a coat rack for Lucille's purse and

I moved the coat rack so you could see the
sink area.

Bathroom stayed the same.
Although I cannot remember if the 
little canopy was there or not.
I still have room for a little stand there
beside the tub.

A little bit of tacky glue holds up the curtains.
This is the only room that has curtains.
Lucille wanted some privacy there.
Privacy!!! Lucille have you seen these boxes here!!

This is what the space looks like for now.
However I am still not happy with it!
Let's see what happens with the next post.

Thank you for stopping by to visit Lucille.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing this Penthouse
being re-done for the what 3rd time!!
Mini huggs,