Sunday, January 20, 2019

'SEWING CABINET' - some Eye Candy - by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everyone!!

Thank you for your comments!

Also I want to say that for those that 
are new members - that I have trouble
finding your blogs.
My server does not work like everyone
Many, many times it is stupid and defies me!

Please leave a comment cause it has your blog 
there and then I can go see you.
For some I see you on facebook and you are
so creative!!! 
Love your blogs also.

I thought that I would give you some eye 
candy from Lesley Jacoby again.

Love this little sewing cabinet!!
I love anything that is about sewing 
for some odd reason. 
So I just go with it!

Here is her lovely cabinet!!

Thank you Lesley for sharing your
good works!!

Thank you for visiting me.
It is so appreciated!