Monday, July 5, 2010

Apartment Elizabeth - ELIZABETH IS MOVING INTO A NEW APARTMENT - Wallpapered and Floored

Located on the 4th floor just under the
Penthouse - this is the 
last apartment to be wallpapered
and floored. 

Each of these apartments are of my own design.
It surely isn't easy trying to make each
apartment different and to make
everything fit in them.
Measurements for each apartment.
The width of each apartment is 16 inches deep.
That is going from the very back wall
to the front.
The length is 23.5 inches.
As you see in the
apartment that figure is going from the
left side window to the right side of the

This scrapbook paper gives an oldappearance to a somewhat dated
I used a total of 5 sheets to wallpaper it.
Also the paper is a little thicker.
It still
adhered to the walls with ease.
The bubbles smoothed out
almost instantaneously!
I am going to use scrapbook paper
to wallpaper all of the apartments.
Take a look - it is pretty paper!

The scrapbook paper gives a good feeling
to this apartment.

Cloth floors look wooden and
are very convincing in looking 
like the real thing.
 This fabric was bought back in the 90s.
Easy to measure, cut and glue down.

I was looking for a different kind
of arrangement to this apartment.
Am experimenting with where
to place a kitchen.
I turned the kitchen at an angle.

The Refrigerator, stove and sink
were from a part of a larger set.
I turned the corner piece into a
sink area by cutting a big enough hole
in to insert a little plastic butter tub.
This little plastic butter tub,
amazingly I have held onto it
since the 1990s.
I do not think that you can even find
these anymore.
I like this arrangement.
But now sure if this kitchen set
will stay in this apartment. 

The lace curtains are from an old
elongated oval doily that had holes.
I hated cutting it up, but really
when they are beat up this
bad, no use to keeping it
Better to do something with the lace
than to throw it out.

The lace was still pretty and a had
a wonderful feel to it.
It has little roses with
a lightly gathered rounded edge.

Yes, clearly the lace curtains
have seen their better days.
But I was able to get a lot of
curtains out of it.
The landlady hang up these curtains
cause she no longer wanted or
needed them in her house.
 Oops I need baseboards,
ceiling and window moldings!

Workmen have been going in
and out for days.
Sometimes they leave the
door open.

Most of my apartments do not
have any corners that can be
This is the first!

Yea - you can see my
boo-boo's in the corner.
Moldings will cover them up.
It's okay, because
this apartment building has
been around since the 1700s
Nothings straight or plum.
In fact, the entire building has cracked.
It's had many owners and they keep
updating and renovating it.
Frankly the landlady is tired
of it all.
Landlady needs to make some
money from these apartments.

Good thing that the
pipes were enclosed years ago 
before she bought the place.

This is the back side of the apartment.
The lonely window that you see really
faces the front of my dollhouse.
Right now the front of my dollhouse
faces my bedroom wall.

Thank you for visiting me!