Tuesday, November 20, 2018

APARTMENT PENTHOUSE #3 - LUCILLE - Kitchen moved around!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for the sweet comments!
They are greatly appreciated.

Turkey day is only a matter of hours away!!

Come along and peek through a window with me!

I was playing again in the Penthouse!
I put the kitchen here. I let it stay there for a few
days, but did not like it.
Moved it again.
Also changed out the oak kitchen set
for a much prettier one.

I put the wall back and put the kitchen against
I must say that it looks better against the wall.

This was really the best place for the
Perhaps it is boring here!
It is going to be hard to fix this kitchen up,
cause I will have to move the bathroom
to get over here to fix the kitchen.
Let's see if  the kitchen stays here
in this spot!

I do love the windows though!
Even in a Penthouse you must have
a view!

I took the large table that I made
and took it out.
It was too big for the tiny space.
Am still deciding if I like this?

The little table and pink chair do look
better here in this corner area.

This view looks good so that's a plus.
I put a skillet in the sink.
Do people that live in Penthouses

I like how there is lots of room
between the table and the appliances.

It looks spacious.
If I am liking this then I will put the other
pink chair also.
No foyer.
Basically the front door opens up into the

Thank you for stopping by to visit me!!
Hope you enjoyed this latest adventure.