Friday, July 5, 2019

'The Little Fairy' by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for your comments.
I always try to keep things simple.

Wanted you to see Lesley's Fairy roombox.

Enjoy these pics and get some ideas
and inspiration from them.
Loving the little lanterns as roomboxes!
They are big windows to view!
This is the back of the scene.

Love the little bird bath scene.
There are more pics of the fairy toward
the end so you can see her wings!

That is an extraordinary rocking chair!
So lovely.

Detail with the bird bath. 
Look at the little fairies!
Green critter beside!

The little Fairy.

Ooo there is Tinkerbell!!
Look - a Fairy is carved in the chair back!

Nice plants on the terra cotta floor
Lesley made the flowers.
Look at the little piggies in the flower pot!!
Cute, cute, cute!

Little fairy on the vine. 
Lovely little fairy stand.

Sorry, about this glare.
I had a hard time trying to get a pic here.

Little daisies, sunflower mingled with others.

Sorry, a little blurry!

A better pic is coming.

See the little fairy on top of the rocker,
I missed that one earlier!

The back of the little fairy stand.
I do not know where she bought these 
fairy pieces from - but I would love
to buy one!

The little fairy.
Look at her hairstyle!
So tiny this little doll is!

Just a back view.
I like to get pics all around a scene.

This little fairy is so cute.
I like how she painted the stand to match the floor.

Look at those tiny beads!
Lesley glued on the feathery wings and then 
glued all of those tiny beads on!!
A lovely detail.

A better pic of the stand.
We moved the doll to see it better.

Hope you enjoyed this little fairy scene!
Thank you for visiting me!