Friday, February 24, 2012

Apartment Samantha - Mardi Gras is finally over!

Mardi Gras is finally over and things
can get back to normal.
Mardi Gras
is a tradition in New Orleans. Wouldn't
it be fun to be able to attend this parade.
Its one big happy celebration for everyone
to enjoy!
Samantha is so glad that it is all over. Her feet are
killing her. She has been partying every day and night.
What else is there for a single girl to do.

 Well she is finally got inside of her apartment.
Time to kick those heels off.
This was the last outfit she put on.

 Just a little rest before she gets up to change
her clothes.
Tomorrow it is back to work as ususal for her. Did
I forget to mention that Samanttha is an airline stewardess.
Yea - she is a hard working girl that goes all over
the country.

Hey does anybody out there know how I can make
the luggage that the Airline company uses for
I sure would appreciate any directions. I keep
googling info and cannot find any directions.

Thank you for stopping by!
Many hugs & kisses to you all,