Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all staying safe.
And definitely keeping busy
doing your miniatures.

Love those booknooks.
Thank you so much Drora for
sending me the link on how one
guy made his.
I see the box is much narrower than
the box I am using. 

My box is 3&3/4's inches wide.
Those booknooks are much skinner
at least about half of the width of mine.
So, this will not be a booknook but will
be I hope a secret looking room.

I am still looking for a narrower box though
to make a booknook. 

Here are some pics of what I have done already.
Remember what the box looked like before.
It looked like a piece could be sawed out.
So I sawed out that piece to make a window.
It may be a secret witch room but I want
to be able to see in.

I cut out a hole at the top for a tea light
to be inserted in.

I then cut 2 sticks and glued it to the bottom.
You can see that I did not take the sticks up
to the edge.
The reason is because I want the lid to help keep
dust out of the room.

Just an upright pic to show the bottom.

I cut the plastic out for the window.

Inside is dirty and was wiped out.

Outside of box is painted black.
Just have the lid to paint.

I painted the inside of the box black.

I felt that it was 2 dark so I painted it
green with some black streaks.

Thank you for stopping by and hoped
that you enjoyed visiting with me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

HALLOWEEN - WITCH's SECRET ROOM - start with an empty box

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all well and escaping
this virus.
Stay safe!

I know we have a few months before Halloween
arrives but sometimes I jump the gun if
inspiration and ideas start flowing. 
And this is one of those times.

I had been seeing those booknooks around on
Pinterest and Etsy and they are cute!!
Thought if ever a skinny box got in my hands that
I would  try to make something similar.
Although I am not experienced as many are.
I did get an idea for this box.
Hope you get some ideas too.

Months ago at our last miniature group
meeting a lady came in with a few items
that she did not want.
Well, need I say that I am one of those that
will take anything given to me.

LOLS!! Lo and behold there was this box and lid!
Smaller than a shoebox,
The box is blue and white toile with pretty ribbons
for carrying it. 

Thank you for looking!
Visit again!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sewing Box - Sturdy Boxes To Become Sewing Rooms/Shops #2

Hello Everybody!
Hope you are staying indoors to
remain safe.

Thank you all that has left me comments.
Here is an update to the boxes.

I have primed it 2x's already and added 4 coats of white
paint on top.
It's possible that I need 2 or 3 more coats of paint on
each one. 

I will be adding windows and using the flaps as inside
And I want one of these to have a
shabby chic look.
So, I would love some ideas on making it Shabby!

Both of these will be some sort of 
Sewing/Haberdashery shops.

Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sewing Box - Sturdy Boxes To Become Sewing Rooms/Shops #1

Hello Everybody!
Hope you all are home and safe.
And especially keeping busy with your mini's!

I love miniature sewing items and also love
mini suitcases!
Don't know why - just do!
Maybe I will figure it out someday.

This is where some of my mini sewing stuff is 
being kept. 
No room to hold anymore.
Something had to be done.

I had 2 of these unused boxes that I bought from
Joanne's Fabrics many years ago. 
These are sturdy boxes. 
Hope you can tell about how big they are. 
They are pretty big!

Don't know if you can see it or not - but the box is
10 inches high.
Is almost 15 inches across and  about 8 inches

You know what I did!
I cut the flaps off of both of them!! 

I hope that I will not regret this...
Must think about how to fix the insides
and fix the front.
Anyone got any ideas - sure would love to 
from you??

Thank you for stopping by!
Visit me again!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Hello Everyone.

I am still sick with this crud. 
I have been to the doctor 6 times and still
cannot get rid of this bronchitis and sinus
Am getting tired of it.

Anyway, hope that you guys are well and
staying safe and of course are blogging!!

so adorable and little!
I am so pleased that she loves it.

Making both of these coops took me about 4 months
of constantly working on them.
Lesley helped me with the 12th scale cause this was the
first time I had ever put a kit together. 
So, while at her house I worked on my chicken coop
and then went home and did the same thing to the
half-scale coop!
Boy these 2 coops were a lot of work!

Here is the finished coop.
This chicken coop only has one chicken and she is
playing in the tire.
Basically this is a turkey-chicken coop!

This little turkey sure is strutting around like he owns
the place.
I think that I would love to take both of the turkeys
and cut their feet away from the green base so that
I could make them look more realistic.

I hope you like the hanging door.
Our family's chicken coops door was always 
hanging off like that.
The chickens and ducks all shared this coop and
they never cared.
The nail is there so the door can be shut at night.

The side also has a small bag of feed but it is
still huge compared to this house.

The back of the coop.

All of the roofs come off just like the larger coop
for easy access.

Top view with the roof off.
You can see the aqua colored dirty swing that the
chicken plays on. 
The little feeder in the corner.

Thru the netting you can see the aqua swing.
I painted it this color so you could see it.

A better view of the door.

This is still the back.
Notice all of that cement to help keep down
the coop.
No one cared.

This is the top of the hen house.

This is the inside of the hen house.
If you zoom in you can see the eggs.

View of the side.
The top doors slide open.
The little cut out on the doors
is so the miniature doll can put
her fingers in there to slide the
doors open.

I love the way this looks.
Whenever I peer in it is always at this room
Something about it that I like I guess.
I guess it is because it looks like nite-fall.

Daytime view.

A better view of the little feeder inside the door.
Believe me it looks big - but it is very small.

This is a good view too.

OOps there appears to be a board loose!

I wanted you to see the 2 roofs.
Nothing fancy here.

Sorry about the blur on this picture.
I didn't realize it was blurry.
Here are the eggs that the 'she' chicken laid
and she don't tend to them!
Bad chicken!!

Here is 'she' chicken playing in that tire.

Here the sliding doors on this coop and all
of that messy concrete.
Somebody didn't know what they were doing
or didn't care. 
By the way - on both of the chicken coops
these top houses lift off.

I hope that you got a laugh at this coop also.
Humor is good!!

I like to peek in at all angles at this chicken.
She is just minding her own business.

I hope you enjoyed this half-scale chicken coop.
All weathered and about to fall down.
No telling what I try to figure out what to do to
help that along!

Thank you for visiting me!