Wednesday, November 7, 2018

KATHI KUTI Doll with Room box - by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all have been well.

Want to show you another room box made by
Lesley with a Kathi Kuti doll.
This is so sweet!!!

Lesley loves flowers and plants. 
She picked the right doll for this lovely scene!

This is when she bought the doll.

She even received a picture of her.
Lovely doll!
She is called and named by Kathi.
Her name is
'The Butterfly Keeper'.
I Love that title!!!
It is so fitting.

This is the roombox that Lesley made for
the doll! 
I will tell you some details and leave the rest
of the pictures for you to admire.
The background is dollhouse wallpaper that she
purchased many years ago.
Flooring is also made for miniatures.
The flooring and the wallpaper were both bought
through Ebay and came from England.

The case is by Cortland and most of the plants
were purchased. 
Lesley wove the little colorful basket and was so
generous to give me one!!!
Again, thank you Lesley!!
The basket is as lovely here as in person!

The chair was a kit that Lesley made.
She painted it and the single pink rose
with the flowers on the arms!!!

The little raccoon is a Mary Hoot item.
Oooo can you see the birdhouse!!!

There are many photos for you to see.
I wanted to capture as many views as possible
for you to see.

A sweet cat and mouse in the chair!

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

HALLOWEEN ROOM BOX #2 - owned by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everybody!
Thank you for the sweet comments.
Am sure that Lesley is ecstatic to see them!

Here is another of her Halloween Room-boxes.

I love this one also!!

I love the floor tile of this scene. It looks so real!
The backdrop looks good to in person.

I am sure you recognize this doll!
She is a reproduction Marcia Backstrom
I would love to have one of these witches!
I love her outfit too!

Decided to start on the left side.
Love the cat and the flowers.
Do you see the cauldron back there near
the pumpkins.
I love the cauldron with the little 
dragon on top!

This is behind the doll.
I love the little cross-stitch picture.
The mirror is so cute!

Ooo - Lesley removed the glass so we 
could get an even better look!
See the mouse eating the pumpkin!
Looks like a glass pumpkin under
the table!
Another tiny mouse beside the left candle.
Cute - cute - cute!!!

Some cute things on top!

A better angle maybe!

The little quilt is machine sewed with
decorative stitches.
Love the white Owl. 
Something has caught his eye.
Can see the back of the table.

A better view!
Love the witch clock above the quilt!
So cute!!

Oooo I absolutely love this owl perch!
Don't you!
Lesley what is that bird looking at!

I tried to take another angle of the
table with the book on it.
Was kind of hard.
Hope you can see it okay.
Black cauldrons under the table.

Top of the table!
Ooo must be some poison apples!!!
Cut wands on the table too.

The book is so nice and colorful!!
Love the jugs and the cats on the floor.
A cute little cage too!

Just a top view.
I want you to be able to see the cross-stitch
of the cats and pumpkins.
It is a small picture.
Lots of detail in that pic!!
I hope the glass does not bother you
too much.

Sure hope you enjoyed seeing this
Halloween Room box.
Thank you for visiting me.

Friday, October 12, 2018

HALLOWEEN ROOM BOX #1 - owned by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everybody.
Hope all is well.
Thank you for the sweet comments!!
They are greatly appreciated and do
make me smile, which isn't very often
these days.

I thought that you would like to see a Halloween
Room box owned by Lesley.
Lesley only lives about 15 minutes from me.
She has some lovely miniatures that I
want to start showing you.

And since it is the month of Halloween, I
thought that I would start with this one!
I love that this room-box is in the shape
of a house.
No door but easily could be glued to the
back wall.
Be sure to zoom in so you can see the
sweet items in the front.
The little Ethel Hicks witch dressed in
orange is adorable!
Love the pumpkins!

Hope you can see this okay.
I tried many times to get a better pic
but was unable to.
But you still can see some features.
Love the mirror hanging in the back.

See the sweet witch shoes beside the
witch's cape and broom stand.
Love the broom too!
Perhaps this witch has wine stored in that 
favorite orange jug!

Love the doll that sits in the chair too.
Cute, cute, cute.

I could not forget the side so you
could see the chair better and the items
that are sitting beside the chair.
So adorable!!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing
something fresh and exciting and starts
your creative juices flowing!
Thank you for visiting me!

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Hello Everybody!
Terrible times in North Carolina.
I wish all of them well and hope that
many were safe.

Finished the bathroom in Lucille's

It is not too small, but not too big either. 
The space is just a little over 2 windows wide.
Took my time and bought some Reutter!
This is a lovely bathroom set.

I made the canopy by cutting some of the rest of
the blouse that I used on another apartment.

Here you can see some of the green crochet 
kind of (what the blouse looked like).
Love the sink, mirror and the accessories.

A robe hangs on the door and there is a tissue
box by Reutter also. 
All of the accessories are by Reutter.

Here is the inside of the window. 
The curtains are also of the same blouse.
I had enough so why not use it.

I always love an outside view. 
Never know what you see in there when you peek!

I hope you have enjoyed the bathroom.
Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well and enjoyed 
their Summer.
Time sure is flying by!!!

I made Detta a Ghost Pincushion.
He is REALLY little!

Here he is with 2 straight pins in him and
a ghost straight pin in him!

Zoom in so you can see his little arms.

Here is his bottom. 
The little bumps is a type of
bumpy cotton fabric that I used. 
The round thing
you see is the cardboard inside to make him 
sit up straight.
I hope you like him!!!

Thank you for stopping by!