Friday, June 15, 2018


Hello Everyone,
How are you all? 
Hope you all have been well.

I have been really sick since the last posting.
I got bronchitis and it turned into pneumonia
and then I caught that stomach virus that
went around. 
Do not know how I got that stomach virus since
I had not been out of the house since I got

Anyway, anyone that has that virus - 
This is some bad stuff!!
Am still a little sick but hopefully in a week I will feel
better and can get to making some more miniatures.

These are 2 costume boxes that I made just before
I became sick.
I hope you like them.

I made one for a girl and one for a boy.

Here is the boys costume box. 
There is lots of paper on the inside of the box
so the box will be full.
I saved a pic of a devil mask and costume, reduced
it in size and put it in the box above the paper.
Underneath the pic is where all the excess
paper is. 
I saved words, reduced them and glued them
to the box.

I made the words to go on the sides of the 
box also.

The other side of the box has the same words.

I made the girls costume box in purple.
There is no paper in this box,
only purple tulle.
I cut out a tiny witch hat and edged
it in orange ribbon.
It is lightly glued in place.

Must find some words to put on the
box that will go with a witch dress.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

GIFTS - Given to me by Detta - Mandrakes

Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well at your home.
Thank you for your sweet comments!!
I was going to post on the 17th,
but remembered that it was
the anniversary of my daughter's
Have just now got around to doing it.
Detta sent me 2 mandrakes so I planted
Thank you Detta!!!
Had to make them look like they were
popping up out of the pot!
I wanted the dirt to look like it
was coming up in clumps.
I painted both pots black and used
dark brown clay.
I was not sure of how to do it, so just
did the best that I could to get the
idea of it.
Looks like potatoes but I love them!
Love their eyes and nose and their
branchy arms and hands!
This mandrake still has more dirt to push
out of the way cause he is a big one!
Where is he going to go to once he
gets out of that pot!!!

As you can see - I do not work
good with clay at all!!!

Do mandrakes bite you?

Here is the other one.
He is much smaller than the first one
I have shown!
I put pumpkin stickers around the bottom
of this potted mandrake.
He may be small but he is strong pushing
that dirt up!!

As you can tell - I really packed the
dirt up an around him!!

I packed the back of the pot with clay
so much that you can hardly see the
Sorry, this pic is a little blurry so do not
click on it.

I like this pic from the top!
His arms are free!

Boy - these mandrakes are messy!!
I did have fun playing with them though.
Must find a place to put them.
By the way - where do you put them at?
In a garden, on a table.

Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Apartment Penthouse #2 - LUCILLE - Kitchen

Hello Everybody!
Hope all is well.
Just an update on Lucille's kitchen.
I took the wall from the last posting and
decided to wallpaper it with the pink
scrapbook paper.
I believe that this looks better.
The little pot on the stove looks like the steam
is rising above it onto the wallpaper.
I surely did not plan this - but I think it is
I butted that wall right up to the windows
Not sure at this point if I will put up curtains.
I also changed the rectangle table to a round
table that I made.
I made a large table!!!
It is about 4 inches in diameter.
No room for chairs to go around it, so I
know that I will change this.
Also changed out the cookware in the
china cabinet to nice china.
I like the table a lot, but it must go somewhere
Front door is open, so come on in!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Apartment #6 - Granny's Sewing Aptmt - White corset and added a few things

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all are well.
Been so busy!
Thank you for the sweet comments.
Also wanted to say welcome to my 2 new
I hope you like my blog.

Am posting just a small update
to Granny's apartment.
I was dusting some of Granny's apartment, and
I noticed what felt like a piece of soft
Realized that it was a dead spider!!
However, it does not look like it is a spider??
Must have been there for a while
since my last posting on this apartment!
I wonder how it died?
Do spiders not live long?
Perhaps he/she found out that there
weren't any bugs in this apartment.
Hate to think that I starved a spider!!
Anyway decided that I should dust her
I placed her nightgown and robe on the bed.
It kept falling down on account of the hanger is
too small.
Either I replace the hanger or hang something
else up in its place.
Not decided yet.

Found a newspaper and a little box of cigars
among my things, so I thought that I
would place them among Granny's things.
In memory of her deceased hubby!
I re-arranged the picture frames some too.

A little bit of sunlight coming in thru
her window.

I kept the clock.
Just put it on top of the refrigerator until I
locate a better place for it.
I still need some pics on this side of the room.
I have some somewhere, must find them.

 I had to show you the fat doll pincushion
that I bought.
She was not expensive and no one else
even looked at her.
She has a place of honor here.

I took a closer pic for you.
Isn't she gorgeous!
The lady that I bought it from, said
that she thought that this was made
by Ethel Hicks.
Cause the doll looks like her dolls
made by this artist.
She does not have a certificate.

Here is Granny again!
She needs to wash this corset and does not
know where to hang it up to dry at.
Her blue set has been washed again and is
drying already.
Her favorite set is the blue one!
I was looking thru my stuff again and came
across another corset made by the same
I am sure that there are other pieces that
went with this corset, but I
did not find them.
Perhaps the spider ran away with them!

Sweet, sweet Granny!
I moved some things so you could
see the corset better.
Love that rose!

Oh, she does not know what to
After she washes and dries it, then
she must find a place to store it.
Perfect place is under the bed.
Of course she needs to make some
under the bed storage boxes.

Lovely, lovely corset!!!
I will dirty this corset up also with the
blue set.
A side view!

The back.

The other side!

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gifts - Given to me by Annette

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your lovely comments.
I met Annette Lloyd a tad over a year ago.
Look for her on facebook.
Gee, time flies!
We swapped - I dressed her witches.
Last month she sent me some very nice things
she had made.
THANK YOU - I just love them!!!
My witches will love them also!
Everything was packed inside of this
adorable box with the exception
of the large basket!!
Definitely, I have intentions of using
this outhouse!
It was a 6 inch high box!

Oooo the ghost is reading.

This little plant arrived broken, but I
was able to glue back on the piece.
You cannot even tell.
I believe her name was Amelia!

Amelia looks good!
Do not get too close to her or she will
eat you!

I sure do like Mandrakes!
Poor little fella also arrived with a broken stem.
Good thing my trusty glue fixed him.
He is just awesome!

Yep, glue works wonders.
Love it when I can fix something that
Sorry, for a little blur on the pic.

She sent me so many glass potion jars!
Must find a place for these!

These potion jars are my favorite!!
This is how I first met Annette.
I bought some jars like this (in a different color)
from her site on eBay.
These are so cute!!!

Ooo, I wonder what I can do with these skeleton
The middle one looks really scary!
I like those eyeballs too!!
They are a little big, candles they are, but
perhaps I can make them into a pair
of cool looking lamps.

I like these black pot and the smaller pitcher.
Love the faces with the open mouths!
Great eyes!!!
I hope you can see their noses!
The big one even has a lid.

Just another view.

All handmade by Annette.

Ooo see the little pitcher's handle.
Love handmade items.

I hope they do not bite anyone!

She made a large clay witch hat and a
smaller one!
Love these!

She made me a sweet sorting hat!
A side view!

A back view!

I needed some scrolls!

Ooo I do love this orange jar of
I wonder how Annette caught them!

Oooo some nice white candles with
black wicks.
These are the black-flame candles!

I sure did need a basket of eyeballs!!
I wonder who they belonged to?

A witch can never have enough
leather Spell Books.
This one is looking at me!
Encrusted with purple jewels.

And gold pages.


The basket is large and bewitching!
Made from twine.
Am not sure where to put him at, but I
am looking forward to placing him in
a scene.

Side view.



Thank you so much Annette for the things
you made and sent to me.
I love them all.
Thank you for visiting me!