Friday, August 12, 2016

Amanda Grace's Sewing Apartment #2

Hello Everyone!!
How are you doing!

As I have said the pics of this
apartment are MANY!!

Amanda Grace sews for ladies!


Here is a lady that I have had for eons!
I made her back in 1996.
This doll that you are about to meet, was
made from one of those cheap little kits with
black shoes, with the hair that is molded on.

Her wig is just a lot of curls lightly glued
to her head. I kept overlapping curls upon
curls on top of each other and let only some
of it hang down in the front.

Olivia's dress was simple to make.
After this apartment has been
shown, I will give a tutorial
on how to make the gown.

 This is the back of Olivia's gown
and her lace hat.

I will also give you a tutorial on this Bridal Veil. You
will not believe how easy this was. You know I find
ways to cheat sewing.
Here is Olivia in the sewing apartment. (the furniture
has been moved aside so you can see the ladies better).
I like all kinds of dolls - the doll on the right is a
Dawn doll. She is a red head and you will meet her
in a few.
Olivia has tried on her bridal veil that I made. She
feels gorgeous and looks stunning!!!

This is the back of what the veil looks like. There
are many ways that you can make this veil. Olivia
wanted her style like this to mimic Jackie
Onassis hat.

The cap is just simply laid on top of her head. I have
not pinned it on or anything.

This shows what Olivia looks like in the mirror
with her cap style veil on.

I named her this because of her red hair.
In the 3rd picture above Ginger is
behind Olivia waiting her turn at the
mirror. Ginger is wearing a simple
leopard dress that I made her.
She is looking at a simple wedding dress.
She is wearing a veil made a little
different at the top and plus the veil
is not as long as Olivia's.

This is the back of Ginger's bridal veil.

She is also another Dawn type doll.
She has bangs on her forehead but the
rest of her hair is simply rubber-band
on top of her head and I have allowed
the hair to fall down on top of her head.
Just finger move the hair around until
you like the way it looks. You could
lightly hair spray it in place if you want.
Sharon is trying on the same bridal veil
as Olivia Evans is.
No need to worry cause Amanda Grace
can make these up with ease!
Sharon does not have her bridal gown on
on. Oops!

Again, here is the back of the bridal veil.
It looks different with each doll, even though
they are the same veils!

Here is the simple hat. So lovely that it does
not need any decoration!
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the brides.
Only one of them will be displayed in the
Thank you for visiting me!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016




I have been working on "MAKEOVERS" for all of the
apartments that are in 'LOUISIANA'. So bear with
This apartment that I am going to show you has taken
me so long to redo.
And there have been so many changes to this apartment
in the past 2 years.


Amanda works all day, 5 days a week at a 
fabric store. Yet, from Friday to
late Sunday nights she sews for other people to help
supplement her income. Housing is so expensive
these days and Amanda does not want to move because
she likes living in this old building. She is going to
stay here as long as she can here in
Amanda Grace is a Dawn doll. I love how these
dolls twist and bend. Her bobbed hair seems
fitting to her. She is a busy woman.

 Today this is what Amanda Grace is wearing.
She is at home this Saturday evening doing what
she does best - sewing!! Her chatelaine
stays around her neck all day long and she
has even been known to go to sleep with
it still around her neck!
That is dangerous Amanda Grace!
Her little outfit came from
Wal-mart. It was a Braatz
outfit, I think. I cannot
remember because it has
been so long ago that I
bought it.

 Here is the back of the little
outfit. I love the hood on
the shirt. She is barefooted
today around the house.
Gee, I hope she has picked
up all her pins off the floor!
She has 2 ladies coming over later
this evening. She has made wedding dresses
for them and they must try them on.

 Here is a close-up of the chatelaine. This is
simple to make. Just take a little piece of
ribbon and thread one side thru the scissors.
Glue it down to the back. Take the other side
of the ribbon and just add a piece of 'something'
over the top and glue to the back.
The needle is a real needle that I clipped off.
It is glued into the little red piece of fabric.
Thank you for visiting Amanda Grace! She
enjoyed meeting you as well.
Stay tuned for the next posting of the


Friday, June 24, 2016


Hello Everyone!
I hope all have been well. I have been sick.
I thought it was allergies, but it turned
into some kind of upper respiratory infection!
It then went into Pleurisy!
Have any of you ever had that.? Well let
me tell you THAT IS PAINFUL!!!
I had to go to the hospital because the
pain was so sharp in my right lung that
I could not hardly breathe. I
thought I would cry it hurt so bad!
But I did not cry, I dealt with it.
Apparently I did not have any fluid in
the lining. I do not know what happened
to it.
I am still taking the medicine and will
to be finished with those in a week. If not then I will
go back to the hospital again.
I hope that none of you ever get this
kind of pain!!!

Anyway I have not gotten much done. Only
this cause I wanted to get this tutorial out of
my way before I started another apartment.

Made a dress and 2 capes from the shoulder pads.
I am glad that there is not anymore pink shoulder
pads, cause I would like different colors but I do
not have anymore. So I made a matching cape.
The white shoulder pad made a nice cape.
These are only for display on a bed or for you to
put on a hanger, not to be worn. Of course you
could experiment some. You could cut out armholes
and see if you could put it on the doll, if so, then
put trim around those holes and put it on a hanger
or a manikin.
This is the front side.

This is the back side.

Remember these are the shoulder pads I am using.
The pink pads have sponge in them and the white
one has a thin cotton or polyester fiberfill in it.

Go back to the other Shoulder Pad Tutorial
for the steps prior to this one.
I just started it out with this step so not so many
pics. Remember the folds should be even before
you cut off the ends.

I have used this lace and some tiny Daisy chain trim.

Start with sewing your lace on at the bottom of
your last stitch - at the top of the V. You can see
the pink pad under the lace.

Here is the front of the first lace sewed on.

Here is the second piece of lace being sewed on. Situate
it where you want, the choice is yours.

After you sew on the lace, sew around the front and
then back so you can indent for a waist area.

Here is what it looks like with the 2 pieces of lace
sewed on, the waist indention and also the straps.
Before I put on the straps, I just cut a little V in
the middle.
The straps are just pink quilting thread sewed by
leaving loops for a hanger. It does not matter how
you sew that. If you like you can use something
else for this part, but I think that the quilting thread
makes it a little dainty.

Up close of the straps.

See the sponge of the shoulder pad.

I cut off a piece of Daisy trim. This is so tiny.

I sewed the Daisy chain on top of the bodice. I
also tried maneuvering the Daisy's so that
it would accent the V, but you can hardly tell,
so it is up to you if you cut out the V or not.

This is how I ended the Daisy's.

Here is the entire dress again.

Now, here is the other pink shoulder pad to make
the cape.

You can use either side of the shoulder pad for this step.
Anyway, lay the Daisy chain on top and keep one dangling.
Put the knot in your thread and push your needle
up thru the first bottom Daisy. Put your needle
back through and sew it through the dangling Daisy.

See, the knot is hidden by the Daisy.

Continue sewing the Daisy chain up the side of the
shoulder pad. You only need one stitch in each

Finish sewing on the Daisy chain and end it as good
as you can.

See the backside of my stitches. I did not worry
about them.

Once you have finished sewing on your trim. Just
bring the 2 sides into the middle to form this cape.
Make sure that the bottom of the front matches
up with the bottom of the back. You can pin this
for the time being.

Make sure that your needle is threaded and knotted.
Take the pin out and hold the cape together. Put
a few stitches in or close to 2 of the Daisy's, only
to stitch them together to hold the cape closed.
You can probably tell where my stitches are.

Here is the back of the cape.

I put the cape under the dress. I hope you like this!

If you remember, the white shoulder pad was very
irregular. It looked like an uneven Dairy Queen
sign! But notice here in this picture I have made sure
that the large oval is on top. You want this large
oval on top. Also I will tell you now, that I liked
working with this shoulder pad much better
than the spongey shoulder pad.
This white shoulder pad is more pliable and easier.

Can you tell how once I fold in the sides, it is even
at the bottom. The spongey shoulder pads took a
little bit more to hold it in place. Either of
them are good to use for these capes.

Place on your trim. I used only gold Christmas trim.
Now, I need to make a dress to match this cape.

Just fold in the sides and finish like the pink
shoulder pad cape and you are done.
Gee, I got to get that piece of blue thread off of
my cape!
I hope you collected your shoulder pads!
This is a very quick and easy set to make for
your dolls.
Get cracking cause they might need a new

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Apartment #3 Finished!

Hello Everyone!!!
How are you? I hope you have been

Well, the apartment is as ready as it can be. I
still have to put accessories in the bathroom, but
that will come later because I cannot decide what
color towels or anything like that, that needs to
be in there.

Paul has just gotten home after a hard
day's work at the hotel. There she
has cleaned the bedrooms and bathrooms
all day. She sure is tired!
So tired that she forgot to change out
of her maid's uniform before leaving
Originally I had intended on putting a
different doll in this apartment, but she
did not work out. Now that the other doll
is bald, time to remake her into some other
kind of doll for another apartment.
Anyway, I hope you like Paula!

To the left of Paula, is a black screen that is holding
a white lacy dress.  I made the divider a while ago for
a different apartment. I decided not to use it there cause
I did not like it there for some odd reason. The divider
worked great here, so I painted both sides black and put
black sewing hooks on both sides of the divider. Yes,
that divider is a little hard to see. But if you look carefully
you can see a hook.

You can see a little further into the apartment now,
but watch out - Paula is coming in here. Paula keeps
her apartment neat and tidy. She loves beautiful
things and buys only black or white - a very classy
lady she is!

Her apartment is not very big. It is kind of on the
small side. Frankly, I did not think that I would be
able to get everything in here that I wanted.

The sun shines in thru one of the windows (actually
it is my small and trusty flashlight that is providing
the sun). It looks kind of real!

Oops! Here is Paula trying to get a head shot in there!

Paula's apartment is cozy! I wonder how much this
tiny apartment would cost in New York?

I changed things around in this apartment so many
times trying to make it work, but this was the only
one that would work. It is a possibility that once
Paula leaves this apartment that the arrangement
might have to stay the same.

The bed was a light color until I got my hands on it.
It is painted with enamel black paint. So it is glossy.
In fact, most all of the furniture is glossy. I still need
to put things under the bed. There is still room to
put more stuff in here.

To make the bed canopy, all I did was measure the
length that I wanted and how much to go around
the bed widthwise. Then I gathered the top and put
tacky wax on the top of the curtain and it stuck to
the top of the ceiling with no problem. So far it has
not fell down. This bed curtain was made from one
of my lovely cotton sweaters that was to small for
me to wear anymore. It is the entire back piece! That
is how much fabric there is on this bed canopy!

The bed looks fancy even though it is not. All of the
linens on the bed are made from the same cotton
sweater as the canopy. The pillowcase and blanket
at the foot of the bed all match. It is so soft! My
trusty flashlight does its magic again - sunlight!

Paula has headed over to the little kitchen area. She
does not need hardly anything here as she eats out
a lot. She only keeps a little fruit here.

Paula owns only one pair of high heels and the
pair that she wears. She has no need for any more
shoes than this. The shoes are metal painted black.

Paula is just checking her sink making sure it is
cleaned. She will retire for the night soon.

It is starting to get dark already.
 A little close up pic of her tiny kitchen.

I made the white gown that is on the manikin.
The manikin is from the Dawn dolls. These
manikins are smaller than the other types that you
can buy. They are relatively cheap and are in a
gold color. I painted this one a glossy black and let it
dry for a couple of days before making
the simple gown.

Just another pic that found its way in.

This is her tiny living area. Mostly she sits on her
bed, cause her chair constantly has clothes on it.
Anyway what does it matter. Paula does not have
any friends and neither does anyone come and visit
her. She is content to stay in her own little world.

This is what the entire apartment looks like.

The curtains are made from the same cottons sweater
as the bed canopy and bed linens. The beads on the
ends of the curtains rods were painted a glossy black.
I knew I needed some rods to hang up the curtains. It
does look better than the way they were up there before.

Oops - I was having trouble with keeping the shelf
up above the sink. Eventually I will have to glue it
up there, but for now, it has only tacky wax holding
it up. Most of the time I do not like gluing anything
down because I change things around a lot.
Is anyone else like that?

I had another manikin from the Dawn dolls, so I
thought that I would use it here. This time I painted
this one white and made a black outfit on it.
The bottom half is a rayon velvet black skirt
that is gathered at the waist. I hemmed it along the
bottom edge. The top is a piece of black lace
that was measured and cut so it would fit around
the entire bust and waist area.
Around the manikin neck is a piece of trim with
black roses, one glued to the front and one glued
to the back. The gown turned out lovely.

Here is the front of the gown.
The lace is all one piece. It
kind of shows up as a brown, but
it is not. It is a dark black.
If you get a couple of these manikins
and they want to fall over. Just
put some putty or clay in the inside
bottom of the manikin stand, and
it should be alright and stand up
for you.

I know you saw the bed in an earlier post, but I
just could not resist showing some of bed
linens again. After I made the bed linens, curtains
 and bed canopy, there is not anymore of this
white soft cotton sweater left. Here
are Paula's stocking on the bed.

Just another pic. I hope you like it so far.

Here is the white gown stuck in a little cubbyhole.
It fits perfectly here. Perhaps there is room for
one more!

I think that the Aida cloth works great on the wall
serving as wall paper.

I made this gown also in 2 pieces. The main
skirt of this gown is a piece of white paper
towel. It is anchored on the manikin and you
can see it as it is exposed above the ribbon
Then I took a piece of lace that was the
hemmed on the bottom and turned it
around so that the hem is now at the top of
the bodice and the lace faces down to the
ribbon belt. This piece of lace is the same
lace as the top of the skirt.
Then I made a skirt to go over the paper
towel and put a piece of ribbon around
the waist and tied it in the back.
For the delicate straps on her shoulders.
I took white quilting thread, knotted it,
and started at the back of the gown.
I sewed the thread to the hem and went
back down to the back again and knotted
it off. I did the same to the other side.
This pulled up the hem and when I did
that it pulled up the hem to look like
a shaped bodice.

Just a little close-up for you.

Another close up for you.

This is the back. It is kind of bunched up together.
But in person it does not look bad.

This chair was made by an artist and I do not
know who made it. I have owned this for years.
I am sad to say that I have forgotten her name.
There is a hat on the edge of the chair, gloves
are laying in the chair as well as an umbrella.
There are better pics further down that you can
look at. The little chest is made of cardstock.
Yes, the clothing, and the other items are COCOA
CHANNEL items. A little jewelry chest made from
cardstock. The jewelry chest has a lot of things
in it.

Okay, the little shelf if standing back up again.

The little kitchen. I made the sink. After it
cooled I painted it black with enamel glossy
paint. I like it. It looks rich.

This is Paula's closet! The skirt and blouse
is made of silk. A purse hangs on the
closet doorknob!

The inside of the closet.

The shoes and the clothes are made of silk. Those
shoes are very nice!!

A hatbox that will go on top of the closet. Nothing
is in it. At least not yet.

The inside of the back of the closet.

The top of the closet has boots. The bottom
half is black and the upper is white.
This artist did not sign her work.

I hope you can see the shoes better.

A nice bench here in a flat black paint. All items
are glued down. I have never tried pulling any of
it up. Paula has some pretty bedroom clothes.

Back of the bench.
I hope you enjoyed Paula's apartment!
Thank you for visiting me!