Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well and enjoyed 
their Summer.
Time sure is flying by!!!

I made Detta a Ghost Pincushion.
He is REALLY little!

Here he is with 2 straight pins in him and
a ghost straight pin in him!

Zoom in so you can see his little arms.

Here is his bottom. 
The little bumps is a type of
bumpy cotton fabric that I used. 
The round thing
you see is the cardboard inside to make him 
sit up straight.
I hope you like him!!!

Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Hello Everyone!!
I hope everyone out there has been

These are Annette's witches.
She sent me 3 of them to dress.
I hope she likes them.

Aren't these witches cool!!!
She made them from clay and wrapped them
in cheesecloth. She could have bought the
cheesecloth grey or dyed it, not sure.

All of the witches are the same, so I only
took one picture.
They wear Barbie high-heels.
She put some detail in these so I hope you 
likes them.
She still has to put dot the eyes and put
on their wigs.

I dressed the witches so I hoped she liked
I always use what I can find. 
I would like them tattered some with a little
But I did not want to do that,
in case she did not like it.

Love her face, her large eyes, her big fat nose
and that chin is something else!!!
Love how she wrapped them.

Look at those nose holes and her
Looking good!

A close up of her hands.

The witch's backside.

She looks good from the side too.

Some sexy legs and shoes for this witch!

A better look!

This is the first witch I dressed.
Here is the front of her.
I forgot to take a pic of her bloomers.

Back stitches will be covered up with hair.

Black lace sleeves.

On these first pics the color is a little off.

This is the true color of the dress.
The fabric was a little stretchy, which is good.
When I made these I could not find any black
to make a hat.
Sorry about that Annette.

Here is the 2nd witch.
She has a skirt and blouse. 
It is a pinky red with some purple
in it.
Her hat matches.

The back of her.

Her little leggings.

Here is the 3rd witch. 
I think she needs to be dirtied up.
She would be great in front of a sooty
Forgot her hat, sorry Annette.

Back of 3rd witch.

Here is her hanging slip.

Hope you liked her witches!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

GIFTS - Given to me by Detta - BABBETTE Feather Dusters!!

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is well!

Detta made me some Babbette's
feather dusters!
Thank you so much Detta!!!

These are so pretty!!

3 lovely Babbettes!
White, Purple and Pink!
She made these to stand on these long
toothpicks but neither of us liked it
on this very well.

She then made these individual stands to hold each
of them.
The bottoms are little flowers painted brown.

Here is a pink Babbette on the toothpick before
she made each individual stand.
The pink one is lovely!!!

The white Babbette looks so 
angelic, so serene!

She painted each toothpick the color of the
One of these dusters will be going in the B&B!
Again, thank you Detta!!
Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, July 16, 2018


Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well.

Thank you for your sweet comments.
They are greatly appreciated.

Gee, the months are starting to fly by.
Am so busy with tending to great grandbaby
and all.
Hardly anytime to do fun things but I manage
to do some things.

Here is an update on the Van Buren dollhouse.

It was recently bought by a witch!

I have decided to make it into a Halloween house!
Basically it will be a 
Bed & Breakfast.
Brunettie Bugly is the owner.

Looking for a name to call this

Meet Brunettie Bugly!

She says that 'she is glad to meet you!'
Come along while she
blesses this house!

Brunettie has her wand in her hand
and is going to open the front doors.
She already does not like the doors
and she is going to change them.

'So ugly she says, however they 
do offer some privacy'.

'Bless, bless'.

With her trusty wand she blesses
the doors then commands them to open!!

OH MY! they opened just as she asked
them to! 
Those doors are heavy.
Gee - Brunettie is a great witch!
She has lots of powers.
Before she enters - she blesses the
'Bless, bless'.

Brunettie walked into the first room
to say her blessing.
This will be the kitchen and the eating
'Bless, bless'.

Time for her to go onto the next room.
'Bless, bless'.

 Brunettie is blessing the downstairs
living area.
The light is good in this room.
'Bless, bless'.

Brunettie is blessing the stairs as she is
walking up them.
Ooo - what an ugly staircase!
'Bless, bless'.

She is blessing the top of the stairs.
'Bless, bless'.

Still blessing as she walks. 
Must run out any evil spirits in this
'Bless, bless'.

Brunettie heads to the bedroom above
the living area.
'Bless, bless'.

This is a nice space.
'Bless this room'
'Bless this room'

Now, Brunettie goes to the other bedroom.

'Bless this room'
'Bless this room'

Brunettie goes out of the door
blessing the doors and the balcony.
'Bless, bless'

'Bless, bless'
'Bless, bless'

Brunettie came in and sees a closet.
She is just a little hesitant.

Brunettie is thinking of how to do this.

Quickly Brunettie opens the door.
'Bless, bless'.

Brunettie is now going to the 3rd floor
attic space.
'Bless, bless'

She reaches the top.
'Bless, bless.

This is a cute space!
Little but cute.

'Bless, bless'
'Bless, bless'

As she walks down the hall she sees
a small bathroom.
Needs work, but not bad.

'Bless, bless'

Time to go to the next bedroom.
Still blessing the hall.

A small bedroom too just like the
other one.
But it has possibilities!

Brunettie has left the attic rooms.
Still blessing as she leaves.
'Bless, bless'.

Brunettie has left her house now.
Still blessing until she left the house.
It is all locked up now.

Thank you for stopping by to visit!