Thursday, January 23, 2020

Hidden in the Forest!

Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well!

I finished my birdhouse scene.
I hope you all are getting ready
for Spring!
Had enough of winter!

is titled so because you must
imagine the birdhouse being
in the woods, all alone amidst
the animals and birds. 

I tried to make it appear so but I still
wanted you to be able to see the 
I hope you like it!!!

Everything was made by me
except for the dome of course.
The little scene went thru a lot of changes
before I settled with this look!


The little blue birdie.
I think that I should have made the
hole in the birdhouse bigger!

I hope it doesn't look weird.
Perhaps I need more foliage to hide
the birdhouse.
The path narrows on this side.

On this side you can see more of how
the path widened.

Here is the back.
I need perhaps some animals around.

Thank you for visiting me!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Hello Everyone,

I have been making miniatures. 
Hope you like my little Princess and the Pea

Not very big at all.
The doll is only 2 inches tall.
Measurements of the box are the last 
pictures in this posting.

Oops! my box is a little crooked!!
I cut out the front and glued plastic to the
Didn't want it too fancy on the outside.

I put the little doll together, but had a friend
paint her eyes.
She did a great job. Thank you Mari!
She stands on her own without a doll stand.


Hope you like the bed.
I put a green pea there.
Actually it is straight pin with a green
ball on it.
Had to leave it hanging out some so you could
see it.

I made this little nightgown and robe
Edged it with narrow gold ribbon and
tiny lace.

Here you can see the straps on the 

This is the inside while it is sitting
on top of the box lid.

I made the little bed and painted it
Also made each of the mattresses
to go on top.
And the ladder.

Made the pillow and the little coverlet.

I was given the little box by a friend and knew
that I wanted to make a little scene in it.
Am sure everyone has seen these 
'Tiffany & Co' boxes.
They come in all sizes. 
Here are the measurements of my
tiny box.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little
Thank you for visiting me!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Lesley Jacoby's Boy with Telescope

Hello Everybody!!!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas
and a wonderful New Year!!

Time to get back to blogging now.

Wanted to show you 
Lesley Jacoby's Boy with Telescope

Hope you love this - it is so cute!!!

Thank you for visiting me!!

Monday, October 21, 2019

My 'Pumpkin Rider'!

Hello Everybody!

Thank you for your nice comments.
As always they are greatly appreciated.

Are you getting ready for Halloween!
Have you bought or made your candy yet!

I want to show you what I made.
Lesley made one also.

We had been practicing playing around with
We made pumpkins, but mine is thin. 
I hope it doesn't break.
If it does, I know then to make it thick.
Live and learn!

I call this my
'Pumpkin Rider'.
She is sticking out her tongue!!!
Which came by way of an accident!
I was slitting open her mouth between
the teeth and as I
was doing so, it was pressing down on
her lower jaw.
So I decided to paint it red for a tongue
like she is sticking it out at you!
I hope it worked!
Hope you like her!!

She gets a free ride as long as the donkey doesn't
You know how they can be!
I tore up my great-grandsons car and stole his
The car looked worse for wear really!
But the pumpkin rider had to have wheels that
Don't you agree.

She better watch where she is going
before she runs into something!!

I hope you like her!
Thank you for stopping by!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

'A witch scene' by Lesley Jacoby

Hello everyone!

Thought I would start early on giving you
some Halloween ideas!

No words for this scene - I just love this!!


Thank you for stopping by!