Sunday, October 31, 2010

Apartment Elizabeth - Pushing Furniture Around in NEW APARTMENT

Just pushing things around once more!
Might not keep this arrangement, but
it does give me some ideas.
Since the last posting for Elizabeth, I moved things
around again as you can see.
The bed went to the wall, new things came in,
some old went out.
A brass coat tree came in to hold clothes, but
is in the middle of the room.
Also kitchen changed around.
Still looks crowded in the bedroom.
When then tenants walk inside now, surely
they do not get the idea that a hoarder lives here!
It is a little cleaner now, gives room
for a doll to stand near the entrance.
Windows are still free from curtains.
Table has moved up next to these windows.
Corner cabinet has stayed in the same spot.
 Stove is a free-standing unit.
Needs shelves above if it stays here.
Sink and refrigerator have moved to another
Made room for baby May's high chair.
All in all it looks clean here.

Even since the first pic that I show her of the entire
apartment, Elizabeth's bed has moved again.
The little table and chairs were near the 3 windows.
They are now closer to the front door near this
one window.

I placed the bunk bed nearby.
Allie and Allison are not dressed.
They sleep with their dolls.
Near the bunk-beds is their closet.
I moved the closet from behind the sink
to this area.
Shoes and some toys clutter the floor.

The closet does look good near the window.
Moved the Hallmark dollhouse to this side.

I placed Elizabeth's bed behind the sink and
I do like the windows so she can look out.

With Elizabeth on the bed you cannot see
the play area.
However, this did give me room to put in a
dresser at the foot of the bed.
The top of the dresser holds Hank's bassinet.
Space for the rocker.
Since the furniture now hugs the walls, it
leaves space for toys in the middle.
Do not like this arrangement either.
You cannot see past Elizabeth and her bed!
The window view from the breakfast table looks
It shows a spacious interior.

Thanks for stopping by!