Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TUTORIAL - Anna's Half Slip

Anna's half slip is made just a little differently than
Daisy's half slip.
This slip also takes about 5 minutes
to make.
For this slip you will need to use lace that
is still attached to a skirt.
If you dont then you will
have to add a small piece of cotton fabric at the top and
this adds to the time that it takes you to make it.

The lace does not have to have a ruffle.
This slip can also be used for a skirt -
make the skirt with
the same directions that I give here.
The only difference
is that this lace has a ruffle and your skirt will
not have that.
Materials list is lace, needle & thread.
Ribbon is optional.
This lace is the same size as the
other slips.
The lace is 3.5 to 4 inches long.

 To measure how big of a piece you need.
I know
the photo does not show you - but
all you have to
do is to place the doll on top of the lace.
Cut the lace
about 4 inches in width.
This allows for gathering. If
you think that this piece looks like its
too much gathering,
 then just cut off more.
This is something that you
will have to judge for yourself.
If the doll is skinny then you
can use less width.
I made Anna a little fatter because
of her face so that is why I cut it 4 inches.

When I cut the lace from the babys dress I continued
cutting straight up about 1.5 inches.
Try to cut
as straight as you can.
Cut the top straight across
to the other side and down to cut the lace away from
the rest of the fabric.

 Turn your lace over to the wrong side.
Turn the
raw edge under and if necessary pin it closed.
I don't
pin it - I just finger press
and try to keep it as straight as possible.
Do not put your edges down to the seam
because you will not be stitching that close to it.

 Now with a threaded needle, knot the ends.
Anchor the
knot on the wrong side.
Before you start to stitch - see
where my needle is.
From the edge of the fabric to the
needle is maybe about a half inch or less.
You can be
the judge of how much of that you would like to have.
If your lace does not have a ruffle
on the front then you can sew it from the back.
See my stitches - I am sewing
on the front side because
I have to make sure that I dont sew the ruffle down.

As you stitch be sure to make sure that the ruffle is out
of the way.
When you get to the end just knot the thread
on the back and remove the needle.

 At this point, put the lace skirt on the doll.
Judge how
far up you want the cotton fabric to be on her body.

On Anna, I have the cotton fabric going right under
her arm pits. Can you tell how much fabric is there
that I have pulled away from her body.
If you like
so far the way that it looks then thats great.
Now, remove your doll.

 Thread your needle with a long piece of thread.
all of these slips I use Candlewicking Thread.
why the thread looks thick.
Put a knot on the end of the thread.

 Now on this part - you can just stitch big stitches going
from one side to the other side.
Be sure to leave about
a 2 inch tail.
I like for my thread to
be hidden on the inside.
That's just me.
Be sure that when
you get to the other side that you leave about a
2 inch tail of thread.
Then knot it & remove the needle.

 See what I have here - these threads are your
gathering threads.

 Now put the right sides together and make sure that
the gathering threads stay out of your way.
stitching at the ruffle - not the white cotton fabric.

Stitch down to the lower edge of the lace and then
back up again to the ruffle.
Knot the threads and remove the needle.
I do realize that I dont have a
photo of the back seam stitching but if you
have been following the other slips then you
know how I work this.

 Now place the slip on your doll.
The threads go to the back.
Position the lace as you like.
Gather the threads and tie in a knot and then a bow.

 Its finished!
I like this slip pattern on Anna because it gives
added weight to her body.
At this point I am not sure
what kind of outfit that I will be putting on Anna and
The clothes that I have seen lately aren't
speaking to me.
As soon as I find something then I
will make a tutorial for their clothes also.
I hope that you have found this tutorial to be easy.
Enjoy your new slip!
Thanks for stopping by!