Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apartment Widow Sarah - Hannah Drops by for a Visit

A key goes into the lock and the
door opens.
Hannah walks inside.
Her Mother still sits by the
window looking out.

Hannah calls to her, 'Hello Mother'.
She lays her hat off and places it
in her papa's dusty red chair.

The widow Sarah does not get up
but merely turns her head and says,
'Hello' to her one and only daughter.

Widow Sarah has a thyroid problem.
She doesn't own any energy.
Vitamin D doesn't do that much good

Hannah looks around and sees that
the apartment has not been cleaned since
the last time she was here, which was
a month ago.
She gives her Mother a hug and a kiss
on her cheek.

Hannah walks over and looks towards the
She thinks of how much room there could
be if Papa's bed was gone.
Widow Sarah intently watches Hannah.
So, Hannah goes back over beside her
Mother and sits down. 
They talk for a while until Hannah
tells her that she would like to take
home the fresco.
Her Mother tells her to take it and that it is
under the bed, but she could not
remember which one.

She thought, 'I will have to look under
both beds, so I just as well as to make
it easy for myself and pull it off out!
Emily first moved Papa's desk.
Everything was still in the same spot under
the bed, where
she had put it when she moved her Mother

Hannah starts to work!
First, she hauls out all of the picture frames from under
the bed. 
They need hanging she thought. 
All of this filled up the top of Papa's bed!

Before she got back on the floor she saw, 
'The Pink Lady' and 'Blueboy'. 
Hannah loved these pictures even when she
was a child. 
She grew up with them.
Hannah decided that next time she comes over,
that she will take these pictures
home with her!

Still more stuff under the bed.
(I moved the bed to show you what else
was under Bernard's bed.)

Nope, the fresco is not here!
Must be under the other bed.

Under her Mother's bed at the foot are pictures
that still need framing.
One day she thought, those will have to get

Time to look under the other bed.
After much pulling and tugging she pulled out the
dollhouse that she had once had as a
So many memories and joy the little dollhouse
brought to her.

And placed it on top of her Papa's bed.
Hannah said to her Mother, 'Mother, why don't 
you give the little girl downstairs my cute
little dollhouse'.
Widow Sarah ignored that.

Again, Hannah gets on her knees and looks under
the bed. She pulled out a wig in its box and
an empty wig box.
She thought, 'useless to keep these items'.
After putting these items on Papa's desk, she 
knelt again under her Mother's bed.

She took all of the quilts out and folded them up
better and placed each one on top of the bed.
There were 4 in all. 
Too pretty to keep under a bed.
One day she thought, 'I am going to take
these home'.

Some of the stuff under her Mother's bed after
the dollhouse and other things have been
Still some dishes and still more dishes in the
blue checked box.

Hannah took out some books!

Finally she found the frieze!!
'The Lord's Supper'.
It was lovely in white!!

Hannah asked her Mother where she had gotten
this Frieze.
Widow Sarah said that her Father had rescued it
out of an old house that was being torn down.
'Papa knew how much I wanted it', she said.

Hannah put everything else back under both beds.
Came and plopped down on the chair.
She needed to rest before she went home.

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