Monday, March 12, 2018

APARTMENT PENTHOUSE #3 - LUCILLE - Playing with walls - Kitchen - Bathroom

I have been playing with the 
apartment as much as I can.
Some of this takes a lot of thought!

I am playing with walls, the kitchen 
and the bathroom.
Still not sure, but this is what I have
so far.
Is still subject to change though.

I could not decide if I wanted a half wall here 
instead of a whole wall.
I kind of like seeing the windows behind
the kitchen.
But not good for the bathroom.

Am still playing in the kitchen.
Looks good so far, but still unsure.
Do not know what I am after.
Oops, left a Christmas wreath on the door!

I really cannot tell how spacious this kitchen will
Love how you can see out of the windows.

A bathroom to the left separated by the 
half wall.
Kitchen on the right.
Just not sure.

Must play some more and look online
for ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!