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Hello Everybody!
I hope you all have been well.
Halloween is approaching fast. Are you ready!
Thank you for your comments. They are greatly 
Tis time to see the first half of Irena's Inn.
She welcomes all!!
Irena hung the 'Potions and Spells CLOSED'
sign on her sign to let witches know what
is going on inside.

Here is what the Inn looks like. So much more
to see inside. There is a kitchen and a bathroom

This half of the apartment will be posted next. Hope
you visit!
Irena works really hard to ensure that her guests are
comfortable. Hepsiba Hallows is sleeping one 2
chairs. She was so tired that she fell asleep as soon
as her head hit the chair. She holds her black hat
in her hand. Her basket of hairstyling tools were
by her feet, but Irena moved them onto the floor.
Irena holds a purple and yellow crocheted blanket
to put on top of Hepsiba so she will not get cold.
She sleeps so close to the door.
The crocheted blanket was made by Lynda.
Go here and see:
Take a look at the lovely items she makes!

INNKEEPER - IRENA is so thoughtful!
Holding the lovely blanket to wrap up the very tired
Hepsiba Hallows! Hepsiba passed out from
her very long and exhausting flight!

Beside the door is an old brass coat rack. I use it
for pocketbooks and hats.
The witches park their brooms here. I have a sign
that needs to go on the wall here. I forgot to hang it.

I wanted you to see this area by the door, as we
are going to enter into the Inn thru the kitchen
door. Betsy Sue made the gingerbread men! But
Irena gives them life.
One is already trying to run out of the door! The 
other is on the edge of the table getting ready to
jump off. Both of these were earrings that I have 
had for years. The table shows a dishtowel that
I made hanging onto the side of the table leg.

See, here is a gingerbread man trying to run away!!
Betsy Sue is making some more! And soon Irena
will give each one a drop of potion and 
cast a spell so that each gingerbread man will
come to life! Alas, each one runs away.

Irena left her batter which does not need
a bowl in order to help a guest. She will
be back.

Here is a little view of some of the
kitchen. The range and cabinet are
behind Betsy Sue. Mrs. Potts and Chip
always stay under the table until needed.
Of course we have to watch chip - he likes
to go out occasionally and talk to the
guests. I have had the blue rug for many
years and I have 2 of them. I will find
a good place to put the other rug in this 
Inn - somewhere!

The candles were made for me by a dear
friend around 1996/1997 time frame.
I have kept them with me this entire

A black Egyptian cat stays nearby. He always
lurks around the kitchen and fireplace area.

Here is Mrs. Potts and Chip. I think that I have
posted them before many years ago - not sure. But
this is how I got them. They were found in a thrift
store for 50cents on their trolley.

Their little tray lifts right up! This is the backside.

Even the purple top lifts off from the pink trolley.
Since they have faces and talked on the Disney
movie - I thought it would be cute to show them here.
I hope you agree.

A better view of the kitchen towel.

There is lots of room here even though an earlier
picture did not show it. More of the cabinet
that is behind the kitchen door.

The kitchen cabinet is a hoosier cabinet. I just love
this piece! It is a big piece of furniture.

Wanted to show you the doors that are
opened viewing their contents.

The 8 towels I made are located in the
bottom cabinet on the top shelf.

I printed out these books and put them together. They
are located on the bottom shelf below the towels.

This is a teapot that I bought from ASCENSION
many years ago! I let it collect some dust.

This is the front side of the pot. Love the little clay
purple bow!

Some silverware in the drawer. I must paint them!

I bought these orange bowls many years ago. They
are still sold on ebay I believe. They do not cost

On the left side of the cabinet, are glasses,
and plates that I bought from Carrie
at 'Lavender Dilly'. Thank you Carrie.
I just love these plates!

Here are those plates!

At the top of the cabinet are a few spooky items.
The orange little bread cabinet is on the right. The
door opens and closes also found at the thrift store.
The skeleton skull is a candle, perhaps a real
candle. I wonder if perhaps it can be lighted??
Anyway I bought it from ebay. The man also
makes them with a black candle. These are
so cool! The skull heads in the middle is a cute
item that I cannot remember where I got it.
I have placed it there cause it covers a hole
that is in the wood. It was suppose to have
a door there but somehow got lost. In a real
life hoosier cabinet, you put the flour thru
this hole and it goes thru a tin shaft. See the
little door that is open - you can see some of
the tin shaft. So cute. The bowl underneath 
the door catches the flour!!
The little blue clay potion jar is by Annette Lloyd.
She is also located on ebay and on Facebook.
Check her out! He was very inexpensive.
Love him!!

Oooo a spider! I got the web a long time
ago. The purple spider is so cute!!! Love
his eyes. I got this from Detta's Darling
He is located on top of the hoosier cabinet!

The hoosier cabinet is now in place.

I am sure that you have seen this cook-stove
from when this apartment belonged to

On the stove are some turtles cooking!
Very little water in the pot, cause the
shells must cook for a long time to soften
them up. Irena boils them and then she
crushes them into little bits for her potions.
The red kettle is always on the stove for

Here is some yummy baked bread
for her guests!

I love these muffins! It is actually a
magnet that I bought back in the early
90s. I should decorate them up with

This spot is just under the brass decanter
that holds utensils. Nothing in here yet.

A strawberry pie is being cooked for
her guests. It just needs to brown and
then it is done. This is the smaller bottom

The middle oven is a lot bigger to
hold a bigger item. Do you have some
ideas as to what I should put in this one?
Another pie is baking in here.

A couple of potions. The salt and pepper
shakers that I made back in the 90s.
Directions for them were in an old book.
Sorry, cannot remember that book.

Love this little brass decanter. I filled
it with utensils for the witch, but mostly
for Betsy Sue.

Under the cook-stove holds a tub full of
skulls. Much more room under to display


The cook-stove places on the back wall beside
the hoosier cabinet. Perhaps I need a picture
to go above the stove??

Here stands a sink that I made!!

I used an existing white cabinet. I took off the
doors and glued skeleton legs with their feet
onto the cabinet front sides and middle. I took
a piece of black straw and glued it to the
inside of the cabinet to represent a pipe.
The sink is a butter tub glued to the cabinet.
I painted the entire cabinet and sink black
and scratched off some of the paint so as
to make a greyish look. Also painted the 
skeleton legs and feet.

For the faucet I knew that I wanted
a skeleton head to go there. 
I cut out a square in the butter tub
and glued a skeletons neck and a little
of his backbone here. I dry rubbed some
black paint on his head and bones.

The skeleton head moves and I wanted
it to continue to move so the head is not
glued in anyway. I also knew that I 
wanted the water to run from his eyes.
The water is just dried glue. And I can
take the glue out of this eye and put it
in the other eye. The hot water is now 
running to make bubbles in the sink!
The other eye has cold water.

The bubbles are just beads glued down
into the sink with lots of glue.

A side view of the hot water making bubbles. The
black, red and blue beads are special potions to
really clean the dishes. So Betsy Sue does not
have to scrub anything.

Okay, no more bubbles need to be made. The
cold water is running from this eye now. Must 
fill up the sink!

On the left side is a trinket. It was on an earring,
but it is a little heavy. It looks spooky here.
Each of the little dishes have different colors. They
are just haphazardly stacked up in there.

This is the area with the sink and the fireplace!
I still need something above the sink. I haven't figured
out yet what I want here. I do not want the usual
potions shelf or plate rack. I will let you know and
show you a pic once I figure out what should go there.

The fireplace is resin. I have owned it for many years
also. It looks so real. Another Egyptian cat stands
guard. A basket holds kindle wood. A small cauldron
used to be black. I painted it red so you could see

The cat has white eyes with a gold necklace.
The red cauldron currently is not being used.

I have had these books for a year or two already.
Bought from ebay. Not expensive. The little jug
looks right at home here!

Here is Cherie and her baby Charlotte. You know
her sad story. I hope she does not freak you out.
The entire thing is made by Detta's Darling Dolls!
I love the skull frame. When Detta made the ghost
coming out of the mirror, it looked like she
should have been holding something. My daughter
Pepper thought it would be cool if she held
a baby. I liked the idea of having 2 ghosts in that
frame. That is how this came about. The baby
ghost is not glued down so she can be changed out
for something else if I choose. 
Her toenails are painted red!
Under her feet are many maps and 3 scrolls.

Hoping you can see the frame and the
ghosts better in this pic.

Pep also wanted a blue 'moon ring' on her
finger. This was cool!

At the end of this wall is a cat pole that I made.
I put a dowel in this space and covered it with black
felt. Then took some little pieces of balsa wood and
glued on black felt. They are glued directly to the
pole but they needed some braces to help keep them
up. I painted these black also. 
There are a total of about 10 cats on this pole. I
could have put more but thought that 10 were 
enough, so you could see the cats good.

Here is a closer look.

This is the left side of
the cat pole that faces into
the bedroom. I sure do
like this cat pole!

At the bottom of the catpole near
the fireplace is a bag of cat food
and a little kitty that is sitting on the

The sofa that I am using with lots of cobwebs!

The back of the cobweb sofa!

A look inside thru the kitchen French doors is
where the sofa sets.

Delilah Deranged is sitting here.

A ghost stands nearby!

Rheubella Rattles goes in and out
thru the French doors on the living
room side.

A close up of Rheubella.

Rheubella goes back inside!

Delilah is fast asleep on the sofa!

She is actually passed out!! Drunk on 
strawberry wine!!

Am glad that she likes the ottoman that I made!

I made this ottoman. It has a black bow on the
top, but you cannot see it because of her feet. Do
you like her painted toenails!! Sweet!!

This is the view from the doorway. The ottoman
was removed to give a better look into the room.

This is one of my favorite pics! Rheubella the ghost
is watching over the drunk Delilah!!!
And look at that naughty cat!

An old newspaper.

Gee, Delilah is really doing some snoring!!
Rheubella really wants to rattle some chains. I got
to get some of those.

Rheubella will soon go away, move on
to another witch.

But not before she sees that the cat
sees her!

The cat is playing with the ghosts lace
ties!! I bought this cat back in the 80s.

These are resin chairs that I bought in the 80s from
a gift store. They were not expensive at all. I have 
seen one on ebay. I was surprised to see it.
I love the front look of these chairs. Love the texture
of the blue chair seats and backing.

But I do not like the back of the chairs with that 
big blue bow! So I try to keep this hid.

These are the chairs that Hepsiba sleeps in. Ooo
I see that Irena found her a pillow.

Detta also made her slippers! Cute!!!

Irena holding the blanket to put on Hepsiba.

Hepsiba sure has passed out! All of that
flying knocked her out!

The sunlight in her eyes do not seem
to bother her! Good cause Irena was
worried about that.

As I have said, Hepsiba is a hair stylist.
This is her basket with her supplies.
Showing is the back of her mirror.

This side shows her hair-dryer, comb and brush
with someone's hair in the bristles. She did not clean them!!
How awful is this!

This is how everything looked before I dirtied 
them up. I put some paint on the basket. The mirror,
comb, brush and hair-dryer belong to a Barbie.
I could have used miniature ones, but I did not
like them - too small for me. I like the bigness
of these items. 
Many years ago, I bought some furniture from 
ebay and these items were in it. Someone lovingly
painted the rose and stems. They did an outstanding
job! It was a shame that I had to paint over it.

I scraped off the gold paint and found they were
purple! I painted over the pieces
with black paint, including the red flower with stems.

I think you have seen this witch that I made many
years ago. She still hangs in the exact same place.

She is made from white card, purple yarn and
black felt with a piece of a stick for a broom

She is a little big, but if might put her 
somewhere else later.

The brass coat rack and broom area.

What hangs on the rack.

This is what is hanging on the brass coat rack.
The little orange bag with the cat on it holds lots
of Halloween candy!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the kitchen and living
area of this apartment.
Next Friday I will post the bedroom, bath and closet

Thank you for visiting me!