Monday, August 16, 2010

Apartment Penthouse #2 - BERNICE - Wallpapered and floored

Hello Everyone!!

This is what the Penthouse apartment 
looks like now. 
The landlady hired handymen to
wallpaper the left side of the room
because the right side is plastered,
(with paper that is).
The landlady is replacing the appliances
also that was in the apartment previously.

I like the charm of the plaster
The landlady does not want
that paper touched.

The brick on the other side
of the front door is a
welcoming change.
Since no one else lives on this floor
Bernice has found that there is no need
to shut the doors a lot of times because
a door down below bars anyone from
coming up.
Security is good here.

The door used to be non-existent
and (pretended) to open towards
the windows.
Although I very much liked that
arrangement, I had to change

The landlady was thinking about
building in a closet but it
cost more money than what
she was really wanting to spend. 

A lot of trimming still needs to
be done in this apartment.
The landlady will have the workers
to come back later to finish it.
The landlady has been moving
the appliances around the room
trying to find a place to put the

She finally found the place for them.
In another week the apartment will
be ready to rent out.

The new fireplace has arrived.
It is lovely and white.
The Penthouse is soon to be finished.
Am sure someone will want to rent it.
I hope it is soon!

Thanks for visiting me!