Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Spooky Ole House

Many things went thru my head when
I first saw this dollhouse. My daughter
and her motherinlaw Linda saw it first
and suggested that I buy it. It cost only
$20.00. That's right - this large monstrosity
was begging to go home with someone.
And that someone was me.
Of course they wanted it to be a Witch's
house. But i dunno.  Anyway they had to
talk me into buying it. I dunno it looks like an
awful lot of work if you ask me! But
how can you go wrong with a house like
that - for only $20.00. You cannot.
So I took off the tag
and marched up front and paid for it.
By the way this house was bought at the charity store.
This is the front of the house. As you can see the
front stoop and rails are missing. That has to be replaced.
However the house was put together really well.
Love went into putting it together.
This house is solid.
 The photo's here shows the house as being blue in color.
But actually the house is grey with a deep grey/black
roof. Needless to say there is probably some blue in
the grey paint. It is a big house!
I do not like the front doors. The house needs to
come alive.
There is a widow's walk on top which I am not fond of.
The reason will be obvious enough once you see the
Neither am i fond of the red chimneys. After
looking at the inside the fireplaces might be a
tight squeeze.
The roof could use some shingles.
The windows are not bad - I guess.
Maybe the house needs clapboard siding.
This is the other side of the house.
I know that I am talking negative
and at this point you are probably
wondering why I bought it. However
the house does have some amenities.
It is wired already. Although I do not
know the extent yet. A close-up
reveals an outside lantern missing.
Needs replacing. I would like to see
new front doors.Hopefully they are
easy to replace - if not they will have
to stay. And something has to be done
with that awful door knob!
Here is the inside view of the Van Buren
dollhouse. It is and has been retired for
a long time. It used to be an expensive dollhouse.
It must have been well-loved as there is hardly
any damage inside or outside. Top floor definitely
has a small bathroom. None of the floors sag.
Once you enter thru the double front doors you
enter into a little space and then into a
long foyer. And where does it go -
why - it goes nowhere but towards
the back of the house. This is an empty waste of
space. The last tenants moved out in a hurry.
They tried to take the lamp from the wall
but hastily decided to leave it.  It must
have been a pain in the neck to remove.The floor is
paper. Virgin walls - no paper - no paint.
Those walls are going to mighty thirsty!
I do not understand why this door is here.
The tenants cannot use it. Why does it
face this way - why not face the foyer??
Anyway what is its use? Is it a coat
closet or a pantry - what?
This was the kitchen and breakfast area.
Of course that lamp is so low that it
might hit your head. It must be raised.
Yes - see one of the amenities - some
lights were left here in this house.
Again there is paper down on the floor.
It is not in scale. Oh that thing on the
floor has something to do with the
This is the living area. Look! Another
lantern was left hanging on the wall.
Flowered paper on the floor to resemble
carpet or linenolium?
Look at all of that electrical tape. I sure
do hope that the lights work!
This is the area under the first floor
stairs. The coat closet or pantry area?
Striped paper on the floor here.
Maybe the lawn mower goes in here?
Look down from the stairs at the front
doors. Kind of steep and bare. Notice
how the stairs at the bottom kind of
curve. That is unusual on a straight
line of stairs. Nice detail.
Sorry for the blur.
This is one of the 2cd floor bedrooms.
Apparently it was a childs room. Notice
the paper on the floor. It is sweet.
This bedroom is located on top of the
childs bedroom. I love the vaulted
ceiling and the round window. I do like
the floor paper but I will not keep it.
I wonder what the previous
tenant used this room for?
Can you see it. This was the clue to show
that this dollhouse was a kit.
This is supposed to be the master bedroom.
Its of a nice size. Cute floor paper. This
room has lots of potential.
 This is the reason why I do not like the
widows walk. The stairs block the view of the
window and it also breaks up the room. These
have to be removed. Again more floor paper.
And there is a light hiding in the corner.
Who wants to look at the backside of stairs?
 These stairs look down from the widows walk. I
would like to close up this area.
 Oops! no glass panes. I had better start collecting
 Isn't this an interesting angle. It looks like there
is a step going down into this room.
 This is what the stairs look like going
up to the widows walk. You have to stick
your head into the dollhouse to see them.
Messy with the glue. And thats okay because
they were not made to be seen.
 This photo is of the childs room. It looks
towards the balcony doors. There appears
to be a bunch of wires to the side??
 This pic is of the living area. Wires are showing
thru. Another sign on the walls shows this to be a kit.
I have not put all of the photo's of the dollhouse
up here. I forgot to take pics of the 2cd floor stairs.
And behind those stairs is a closet. You can only
see that closet thru the balcony doors.
My only hope is that I can do the dollhouse justice.
Only time can tell!
I hope you have enjoyed a visit thru this dollhouse
and keep checking back to see what I do with it.
Many hugs & kisses sent to all of you,