Friday, September 19, 2014


Hello everybody!
I do hope you all have been well.
Thank you for your comments and
Do you need a little kitchen?

Some of the miniature dollhouse kitchens are
a little bigger than I need
for my apartments so I will have
to find substitutes.
It took me a few days in my boxes to find something
suitable to be used for a kitchen.
I came up with this baby changing table and pad.
Since it was
missing a drawer, I figured this could work
for what I need. I am
not very good with wood, so for me it is best
that I find something that will do the job.
This is a nice size.

This will be a sink area. I do not know in 
which apartment this will go in.
I liked the fact that it was wood, old looking and
already painted white.
One step that I don't have to do.
Backside not bad either.
So this is what I did.
I peeled away the pad that was on top. I want
to keep that cause it might come in
handy for something else. 
I removed the pink drawers.
That will be another project.
I took out one of the long
shelves that was between the 2 drawers 
because the spaces are not wide enough
to hold much.
I wanted a bigger area to hold a pot if needed.
It is really best to remove the shelf.

At this time I was planning on
using one of those condiment plastic things from a
fast food place that holds ketchup.
A friend gave me this one.
My hubby
measured and then cut open the space for it.

I easily broke off the 2 side pieces
on either side of the sink. It was only there to keep
the pink pad in place.
 The plastic sink was okay, but
I did not like the fact that it did not
fit very well in the front.
The plastic thingy is too big for this changing table.

I guess I could have trimmed off some of
the flashing but looking at it, I decided that the sink
would look too thin for me.
Notice how the flashing helps
to hide the raw edges of where my hubby cut the
sink opening. I do like that. 
The protruding sink does not look bad at all.

I did paint the insides of the changing table
with a thin coat of paint. 
It needs to look a little worn as it
goes into an apartment.

I am not one to play with clay.
I do not have the power to mold it.
My daughter Pep decided to take some pink clay
and make me a plain kitchen sink.
She did not like the plastic
container thingy.

While the clay was being formed
and she constantly kept making sure that the sink
would fit the opening.
When she was done shaping it, with this
little faucet I pushed it into the clay
and then took it off.

Pep baked the little sink according to the 
While that was being done, I 
painted the top where I took off the sides.
You can tile this little area if you want

After it baked and cooled, I took the
warm sink and very gently wedged it 
into the space.
I glued in the faucet.

I like all of the marks that is on the side of the
It looks well used.
And has character!
I must admit that I do love this look!

For the drain - I used 
a very think coffee stirrer. While the sink
was still warm, I applied a little pressure
and made an indention. 
I wanted the stopper to look like it
was still in the drain hole.
For show - you can glue a tiny bead
in the middle of the stopper - OR NOT.

When finished, mix up some glue with white
Let it harden a little, then paint it around the sink
to act as caulking.
If you tile the top, then there will not be any need
to caulk.
You do not have to caulk yet.
Decide which one you want and go from there.

Lastly, I took clear fingernail polish and coated
the outside and the inside of the sink.
I painted on several coats for extra glossiness!
I decided against the tiny bead on the 
drain stopper.
But I have not caulked it yet.
I must wait to see where this sink will be
used at to see if I must add tile or caulk it.
Thank you for visiting me.
Please come again!