Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Louisana Apartments - The Beginning

Location: Somewhere in Louisiana
Built in the 1700's and renovated many times. Bare windows emits morning
sunlight as evening cast shadows. Electricity is non-existent here.
Air in old pipes spit and spat when the taps turn on. Doors and
windows don't open or close properly. Floor trims along
with cabinets get stripped, repainted and reused.
Appliances work only sometimes.
Tenants are happy as they enjoy life!

This building is called: The Louisiana Apartments.
It contains 5 apartments.
Built by my husband
 'Somewhere in Louisiana'. 
I only know that it is in the
French Quarter.
 I have never visited Louisiana.
There are some lovely colorful
pictures on the net with their homes.
Love the balcony's.
However my building is not modeled after any
of them.
Am not sure what I envision for this apartment
It would be nice if I were the kind of
person that - could own
one of those beautiful settings that I see posted.
(But I am not a perfectionists at what I do).
I just have fun!
Perhaps with time, maybe I will become that way.
Who knows..
Life always has a way of mixing into your
crafts in some form, way or another.
Life gets in the way with the blogs, but I try my
best for it not to.
I love the new, the lovely and the old!
Love the chips, the rips, the very worn (shabby) - all of this
which shows individual personality.
Real life is seldom perfect so why should these little
people have it so good!
What I cannot make, I have to buy.
Be a 'peeking tom' and take a sneak peak into those
bare windows.
Not sure what or who will be living
here or if things will stay the same.
I love change.

After my husband built this, I
was so excited that I started moving
in furniture before
even attempting to finish the
outside or the inside.
Windows are taped on, no wallpaper,
no paint, no flooring!

Most of my miniatures still remain
in boxes unfortunately.

Double click the pics and zoom in!

Its a tall building and takes up a lot
of space -UP, but then again so does
a large dollhouse!

BTW, I am messy - need to find a home
for all of that stuff on top.
I will get my dear hubby to give me
an attic.
Maybe an artist should live there.
The pic below is the top penthouse  apartment.

Every good home has to start
somewhere. Nothing is wrong
with living in an apartment.
Most of us start there anyway.

The total square footage of each
apartment is 378 inches.
Prime real estate!
Thank you for visiting me!