Friday, November 27, 2015

Hello everyone!
Thank you for the sweet comments.
I hope that everybody had a very nice
Christmas is just around the corner. I sure
do hope that I can get this apartment finished
before then. I go next week again to give blood.
I do hope that I can get more done before then.
Anyway it is coming along slowly, but I am
making progress.

First, I had painted the long wall white a while
I decided that the wall looked too stark
and needed texture. I pulled out the wall and
 took the long side wall and glued
Cross-stitch fabric called Aida cloth onto it.
It looks really great now.
It has plenty of texture.
As you can see the black painted walls and the
floor is to be a bathroom.
I know you cannot see it, but I had to make a
side wall and a top piece to go above the
Yep! this is a bathroom.
I had to paint the door and glue on the knob. The
wooden floors were pulled up as you can see
 and I had to re-paint the floor. 
I have curtains to make and furniture to
paint along with making clothes!
Thank you for visiting me!