Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Gift of 2 Dollhouses!

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all well!!
Thank you for the sweet comments.
So greatly appreciated.

Expensive Dollhouses!!!

A couple of months ago I was given
2 dollhouses - FREE!!!
I could not believe my luck!!
I thanked her so many times!

The Front.
I do not know the name of this dollhouse.
It must be expensive as the wood is so nice
on this house!
Someone must have enjoyed putting it together.

One side with a bay window.

The other side has top and bottom
bay windows!
What a treat!

The inside is all set up for lighting.
Stairs was included.

I was given this box that went with it. 
Am sorry I forgot to take a pict of the inside
but, it was packed full of lights, and the 2 stair
kits were inside this box along with all of the necessary
things to go with doors and windows!
I was so shocked, that I believe that I looked 
dumb struck while it was given to me.
I could hardly believe it!!
And still can't!! 

It was meant to be a Christmas house and the
acrylic icicles were even given to me!
I do not have hardly any Christmas things to put in
here, so must see what I can do.
Or what speaks to me!

This dollhouse was also given to me - TARA.
She weighed 81 pds and is also made out of 
very nice wood!!
I do not know how to put dollhouses together, so
I found someone to give it to. 
And she has some ideas of what to do with it!!
I cannot wait to see her ideas!!

Thank you Deb for the dollhouses!!!
Hope you have enjoyed viewing my gifts!!
Thank you for stopping by!!