Monday, April 15, 2013


Welcome everyone to my blog.
Welcome new followers!
Allergy's are grounding me to the bed
so I am sleeping majority of the time!!
And what time I am awake I do try to
work on my apartment building.
Everyone of you are in my hearts and
Some of the apartments are going to have more
up to date looks.
One of these apartments is going to have
a platform bed in it. So I thought that I would
share with you of how I made it.
As you know
I have to cheat because I am not good with
wood so I have to come up with other ideas.
I hope you like this one.
The mattress was easy to make.
I make all of my mattress's differently
but similar to each other.
They are either a piece of foam
wrapped with cheesecloth or sometimes a piece of
cardboard and foam wrapped with cheesecloth.
Sometimes only cheesecloth wrappings.
I also make my mattresses from the
chair pads.
If you want to know about this then
Please check out the Tutorial on making
The mattress for this bed is a thin piece of foam
covered with cheesecloth.
The sheets
surround the cheesecloth and are taped on.
comforter was made from a dinner napkin.
I  actually sewed the 2 pieces
 of fabric together.
I did make the comforter bigger so that I could
turn down the top.
I also still have some more
work to do on it - have to tape it down so it looks
nice and neat.
 The bed will be backed up to this bookcase that
I have had forever. Never could figure out what I
wanted to do with it. Now I know.
 I keep wondering if I should paint the bookcase.
Hopefully, by the time I put it in the apartment,
I will know by then.
At this time I am not sure if this bed will
stay here in this apartment.
 I was hoping that you would notice that the drawers
under the bed do open.
There is going to be lots of
storage to put clothes or accessories in them.
I am thinking about putting 3 dividers in
each large drawer.
I will see if I have enough accessories
to organize it like that.
 These are Susy Goose which was made for Barbie.
I bought 2 of these from the internet.
I bought them
on separate dates so I could get these close to the
same color.
Because these are old some of them
are slightly yellow from age.
 Some are really yellow.
So if you do this be sure to get the colors as close
as you can because they might not
whiten like they should.
 Believe it or not these are the right size for a
miniature dollhouse bed. 
Look for good prices on eBay.
Make sure they are not broken before you
buy it.
But if you do not mind it being broken then
that's okay too.
There are many ways to hide a dent, scratch
or a broken piece.
 Be sure to buy 2 of them.
I am not worried about
the color of them and I do not think that I will paint
They are held together with only a strip of
double-sided tape.
Now put your mattress on top!
I will probably buy another one of these Susy Goose
things and make a sofa with it. 
When I was young
I never owned one of these but I did own the Susy
Goose wardrobe and I loved it.
My Barbie had
nice clothes, shoes, purses, gloves and hats.
is what I will be storing in these drawers for my
miniature dolls.
I have to go back to bed now - allergy's are taking
over my life!
Be good, take care and thank you for visiting me!
Many hugs and kisses,