Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Apartment Penthouse #4 - Kitchen moved again!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for commenting.
I really did enjoy your suggestions.

Does anyone else have a problem finding
where a blog is once that person
becomes a follower?
I do.
When I click on the persons picture
my blogger will not take me there!!
It does not show me where you are!
Does anyone know how I can fix that?
I have had this problem for well
over a year or longer!
I used to think that everyone else
had the same issue as I do,
but now am not so sure!
Would appreciate help with this.
Thank you.

I do believe that I am getting closer
to solving this Penthouse!

Okay, so I moved everything out
of the Penthouse once again except
for the bathroom.
For now it will stay.

So, here is the kitchen moved to
the other side of the bathroom,
left of the front door.
This is the first time that I have tried
the kitchen over there with a 
bathroom beside it. 

I must say that I do like that.
The sink and refrigerator seems to fit nicely.

I think the pictures are big enough, but not
Been so busy that I cannot remember the size of them.

Not sure if the chaise and table should
be there, but then again what doll
does end up inhabiting this space,
will not be eating there.
To her it will just be for looks.

I removed the 2 bathroom walls so I could move
the stuff around.
It was hard to get to in order to see how far
back the chaise could go.

Looks roomy!
I hate to put a stove in there.

I am starting to like this arrangement!

You caught me peeking thru a window again!
Have had this chaise for ages.
Would like to find it a home eventually.

For some reason, this was the best pic
I could get thru the window.
Sorry about that.
Am happy it looks roomy.

Not bad, what do you think
about this arrangement?
My friend Lynda Meyers crocheted
the little doily and gave it to me. 
She is on Ebay.
Just type in crochet bedspreads.
Hers are lovely!!!
She keeps her prices as low as possible
and that includes shipping.

I think that kitchen is big enough for an island!
Maybe I better think about a small table
and chairs for this space.

Thank you for stopping by!!