Monday, February 3, 2020

Hidden in the Forest 2 - Finished!

Hello Everybody!

Thank you for your nice comments!

I took the birdhouse scene and did
more work to it. 
Figured that it needed more.

New Pics now to show you what I did.

Yes, now I have a bell with wood base
to keep the dust out.
My friend Lesley gave me all of the
foilage and flowers to go to the scene.
She also gave me the skunk and
She is so cute and very tiny!!

Thank you Lesley for all of these
sweet things including tinkerbell!!!

I hope you like the new look!

With the glass bell off.
I didn't say on the last posting, but
I aged the post and the birdhouse
all by myself. 
So, I didn't really want to hide all of

Tinkerbell is resting on the leaves
after having long and exhausting flight.
Perhaps she just curls up and goes 
to sleep.

A little closer up!

Here you can see some of the base.
I built the wall up a little higher and to me it
looks lots better.
I used air-dry clay and it took about 5 
days to dry.
But when it hardened - it was rock hard!!!
I hope you can see where I dented in
some of it to look like concrete. 

I still like the little pebble walkway.
I wanted it to look like a little step down
to proceed into the woods, but did not
have enough room to create this vision.
Do you see the skunk!!!

Hope you like the pink flowers and 
the flowered ground cover that has
grown up onto the pebbles.

I wanted you to be able to see the skunks
head. Hehehehe

Just a better view of the base and pebbles.

Am turning the base around as I go
to the backside.

I like all of the tall and short flowers
that is now growing up behind the

The post is built up high on this side.
Also to look like that the little
birdhouse is situated on top of a small

I hope you like the new images!!
Thank you for visiting me!!