Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello Everyone!!

Thought you would like to learn how I made 
Samantha's Room Divider.

Not sure how many viewers will have
seen her divider.
So thought I would put the tute here
anyway for it.

However it was only out of necessity
that prompted me to make it.
Sam was running out of room of where
to hang her clothes.
Pretty bad to think that your dolls
can outgrow her apartment or
dollhouse - but they do!!!

Remember the 2 french doors behind
Sam's nitestand - yea well I have
had these for the past 15 years or so
just waiting to use them for something.
Their frame that was around them broke
just leaving the french doors.

This idea would also work as a headboard
that is you have enough - not
sure if you would need  3 or 4 of them.

Finish these however you want as the choice
is yours. 

I read in a miniature dollhouse book where they used
ribbon for hinges.
So that is what I decided to try.
Can you see the ribbons being used
as a hinge between the 2 screens?
Use as many ribbons as you think you will
need cause I did.
I glued on 6 pieces of ribbon to make sure it
would stay sturdy. 

The only thing I will take credit for (is if in the 
book), there is no screw heads on the ribbon.
My thought/idea is to take a good 
ink pen and make dots on the ribbon so it
will look like nail/screw heads.
I will do that when I get time.

Before, this was a grey color and I painted it brown
before adding shelves to each screen. 
Only this side has the shelves.
Then I added a piece of (something) I cannot
remember what it was, I believe that they were
ends of something that I cut off and used. 
I want to hang up clothes
on this side of the screen. 

Some pretty door knobs would look lovely here!!
But if you use lovely door knobs chances are
is that it will only hold one item on it. 

This side of the screen was also grey, before I
painted it brown.
I left the strips between the windows brown.
I then painted white over all of 
the rest of the screen on this side.
Any smudges or drips - I left them
as you can see.
I was not going for a beat-up look, merely wanted
it to look like people just kept painting over
existing colors.
Like something you would find at a thrift store,
antique store or a salvage place.

Many thanks for stopping by!