Friday, July 25, 2014

TUTORIAL - Make Conny's ottoman or little table

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I have another super easy 
tutorial for you. 

porcelain napkin holder
cotton balls or poly
a little compact mirror for table

We will be making either the little table or 
a cute little ottoman.
You pick!

To make the table it is simple 
- just apply glue a little
around the top of the rim of the napkin holder.  
Place a compact mirror on the top. 
Hold down for a little bit until the glue sets.
All finished!


I wish I had picked up all 4 porcelain napkin holders
from the thrift store but at that 
time I didn't.
I didn't think that I would want more
than one, but when I got home I saw that
I could make a little table with it also.
Went back and the other 3 were gone.
Later I will look for some more!

This is what my ottoman looks like.
Use any color fabric and ribbon that
you like. 
As you can see here, I did not fluff up
or pat the sides in, to shape the top.
It is drying so I did it after I made this posting.

Porcelain napkin holder

You can see thru.

Take a piece of thick card or glue several
pieces of thin card together to get the 
card thick enough - 3 layers will be 
You just don't want it flimsy.
When dry or if your card is thick, then 
place the porcelain napkin holder on 
top of the cardboard, draw around it
and cut out a round shape.

Put napkin holder on top of fabric
draw around it. 

Cut about a half inch away from the
circle that you drew so the fabric is
You need some fabric to go around.

Take cotton balls or poly and lightly
pad the top of your cardboard

Apply glue to the backside of the cardboard.
Remember padding faces the fabric.

Spread the glue around as evenly as

Then start folding in the fabric onto
the glue.

When finished it will look similar
to mine.

Apply a lot of glue around one of the
openings and smear it around real
good to make sure that you didn't
miss a spot.

Shape up your circle till you are
happy with the way it looks.
Take your top and place on top of
the napkin holder.
Hold down till dry.

Add ribbon around the top edge to make
it look nice.
Add a bow if you want.
Decorate as you please.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!!

Thank you for stopping by!