Monday, January 30, 2012

Apartment Samantha - Sam's Sweet Attack!

We all know how those days can be....

Sam is having a sweet attack!
We all have those kind of days
where all we want to eat is sugar.
Take a look at Sams sweet attack.
If she doesnt watch out she is going to gain
weight. LOL's.
But first peek in thru the window to see.

  As you can see Sam starting
off eating this little cookie cake. These little cookie cakes are
made from the little pieces of brown and white felt that I
glued together. They are
not glued on the plate. I want to be able to remove it. She was
dipping one of them into her milk. I think that I
have to add more glue in the milk. It has sunk.
When Sam finishes eating them
then she is going to eat those chocolate chip CORK cookies on
the little green glass plate. Then she is going to eat the little
chocolate cookies that are in the tall glass plate. I cut these
from felt with the paper punch. Lightly glue them together
but DO NOT glue them on the plate. You want to be able
to put different things on the plate once they eat their
sweets. Then she is going to eat the ice cream. I have
had this item for a few years and I do not know if they still
sell it. So far I havent found it here at the craft stores.
Afterwards Sam is going to eat the Nestles
crunch bar and then the cake. Lastly she will eat all
of that popcorn in the blue-green bowl. I think that
the popcorn is a Barbie item and so is the little cake.
They were small enough to use.
Where does Sam put all of this at and how can she
eat all of this?
Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek in Sam's
window. Now its time to grab a piece of chocolate!
Thank you for stopping by!
Many hugs and kisses to you all,