Friday, July 26, 2013


GIVEAWAY #5 is here at last. There
are still 10 more coming so sign up!
The rules are simple - just become a
follower and leave a comment.
I am truly sorry for not visiting anyone.
So much has been happening around here
that is keeping me busy. My dad had to have
an esophageal scope surgery done. It took
a lot out of him. He was very weak and
it took him a couple of weeks to regain
some of his strength back. Am glad
that he is feeling better. It sure is a lot
of work tending to the elderly but when
it is someone you love the chore becomes
less of a chore. You do what you need
to do.
Anyway after my father and sis went home
my allergy's set back in. We have had so
much rain accompanied with many terrible
thunderstorms that it beats down all of the pollen.
I should have known
that my good days would not last long!
So here I am back at last. But for how long I
do not know. Forgive me for not visiting but
I will get by there to visit you. Just be patient
with me.
I hope you like the fabrics. Please send me your
full name and address. Look forward to
hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by!
Many hugs and kisses sent your way