Saturday, November 12, 2011

Apartment Daisy - Rugs in her apartment

Daisy's apartment needed a couple of
rugs to sit on the floor.
I did not have anything and started
looking at a couple of old
'Petit Point' Pocketbooks that
I own. These purses have sat
around in my closet for eons.
They are still widely available
on the net so I figured tearing
up one of them would not hurt.

Well, I did it after much though!
Now Daisy has 2 lovely rugs
to put into her apartment.

The purse has a new lease on life - 
been repurposed as rugs!
I fringed some of the sides. These will 
no doubt be 2 of the best rugs the
building will ever have. Or the best
rugs that I will ever own!

Lovely isn't it! Daisy thinks so too!
In fact she thanked me!

I wanted to show you the back of the rug. There is
is some kind of a rubber type backing that has been
applied to the Petit Point. It will not come off, 
must have been put there from some kind of
manufacturing process.
The black stuff has been on so long that you can
almost see the pattern lines thru it.
Must be put there to make it easy to sew under the
sewing machine and also for strength so the
pocketbooks were not flimsy.

I like to think that it is a slip proof backing so
that Daisy never falls down because
her rugs never go flying out from
underneath her!
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by
to visit me!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Apartment Samantha - Finished!

This posting will be long!
Here are many, many more pics on Samantha's
apartment.  I had
a hard time deciding what pics
to keep, and what not to keep so -
 I decided to post them all!

These pics were not published in
the American Miniature magazine.
Afterwards I decided that the
bed needed updating and finally figured
out what I wanted to do with it. 
 This is Sam's new bed!! I hope you like it! 
The mattress is no longer flat.
This is the same pencil post bed with
just newer bed-linens.
It feels good to have new linens
on your bed.

 I sure do like transforming things!
You will be surprised to hear what I made the
canopy out of!!
The canopy that surrounds the bed
is actually one of Barbie's tulle dresses.
It looks good here!

Since the canopy is a tulle dress I needed
and wanted something equally
as serene and angelic as possible.
Fabric did not give me the effect that I was after.
The bedding is simply gauze or cheesecloth!!
That's right you know the bandage stuff!!
Gauzy Cheesecloth!!! 

Wal-mart sells packages of this
in 3 yard lengths in the sewing department.
It is pre-packaged already for your
All I did was take the original mattress off of the bed.
If you look at prior
pics of the bed you will see that the mattress
sank in and was extremely flat.
All I did was wrap layers of gauze around
the old mattress until I got
the bed as high as I wanted.
I found that the more layers I added the better
I liked it! 
The gauzy cheesecloth is not tacked
or sewn down on the bottom of the bed.
I merely just
placed the wrapped gauze mattress
back on top of the
bed frame. Now of course it took a
little bit of doing
to do this because I had to take care
in making sure that
all of the gauze was tucked in. But it didn't
take long to accomplish that.
The bed roll at the head of the bed
is also cheesecloth. I cut a length
 the width of the bed and just wrapped it many times until
I got the desired thickness.
I did take some embroidery floss and tied
around the bed roll at both ends
to help keep it together.
It is placed against the head of the headboard.
I did not remove the bed skirt.
It had been glued down many years ago
and I didn't feel like
removing all of that glue so I decided
to keep it.
 I also kept the single bed pillow that matched
the bed skirt and placed it in front of
the bed roll.

 The canopy hangs from a small hook in the ceiling. I
know the hook looks big but it isn't.
I think the bed is lovely with the canopy!!

 Another pic of the bed with some of its surroundings.

 A wider angle of some of the apartment featuring
Sam's bed. I removed the black table so you can
see the bed better.
I put the 2 Barbie boxes on top of the shelf above
the canopy. Looks good there especially with
the pink frames under them.

 This view shows the bed from the living area.

 Here is a pic of the bed from across the room. Here
the camera is looking thru a window.

Not much has changed here. I move the furniture
around trying new things.

 Another angle of the bedroom area with the canopy
in place. The little white round hatbox that
used to sit on the resin chair now
sits beside the suitcases.

 Another view of the bedroom with the main door
opened. On the nightstand is a little necklace I made
that Sam likes to wear once in a while.

 This angle is taken from the dining area
window. I was not aiming towards the bed. I
tried to capture the view towards the window.
Wanted to show you that I papered that wall
pink. It looks like pink brick.
 I think it is captivating!
The dress is shown a little further down.

 The kitchen is simple.
All of the kitchen furniture used to be white
until I painted it black. I like this better
for this apartment.
The wall cabinet is merely
stuck there with tacky wax. Tacky wax is not
permanent and is generally found in
the candle department.
To remove any of the items just
wipe it off with your finger.
This wall cabinet used to be the
top part of a small white china cabinet
that had broken off from the rest of the table.
The apron is a piece of pink fabric that
I sewed ribbon on the top edge.
It is simply hung on a piece of a
toothpick painted white. The pot rack
hangs above the stove.
Samantha loves vintage items.

 Sam loves her 1960's dress with those billowy
sleeves. Her shoes are removable.
I know you can not see them but she is wearing stockings.
I made them many years ago.  And I don't
remember how I made them.
See her pearls
broke that are still lying on the floor
(close to her feet).

 The little pink box above the window is
also another Barbie find. The lid opens up.

 Here are the 2 round plastic Barbie hat boxes.
Later I hope to change the fabric to pure white.

 There's a better picture of the white mirror.
It has a cute cupid head and wings on it at the top.

 Better close ups of the suitcases.

 The bedroom looks good even in the dark. Here the
sun is setting.

 I have debated about putting a blanket across the
bed but I cannot do that. I like the clean fresh look
of the white cheesecloth.

The little gold looking stool with pink glittered
pillow on top is another find. The stool is small
and helps Samantha to get into her bed.

 Here's a peek thru the dining area windows. Do you
like the vintage green glass decanter that is setting
on the table. Sam goes to a lot of thrift stores to
find these treasures.

 Another peek thru the windows.

 This picture is taken from the windows behind the
bed. The view to the other side of the apartment
looks a little bare. Something needs to hang on the
far wall.

 This is now what the living area looks like
as seen thru one of the windows. 
I added a red crocheted doily as a rug and a
little red checked pillow on the sofa.
The colors tie in with the bed skirt.
The space is eccentric.

 The apartment is roomy. Even with the
sofa in at this angle the ball-gown
does not even touch it.

 Another view thru the windows.

 This is a better picture of the ball-gown.
I put a piece of balsa going from window to window.
And I hung 3 little pieces of toothpicks and
painted them white.
I have had this outfit for years! Am pretty sure
that it came from one of those smaller Barbie
On this picture this main door is almost closed.

 The gown looks so nice - don't you agree?

 Another picture thru the window with the main
door of the dollhouse open. Everything just looks
so roomy now.

Just another view looking towards the

 On the dining chairs are 2 bags of groceries waiting
for Samantha to put away.
On the sink is a blue
dish drainer.
I have intentions of filling it with dishes.
Just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

 I hope you like this picture. I still need to put more
items inside of the closet. I need to put more
character and personality in the room. Since Samantha
is a single woman maybe throw around some clothes
and put heels on the floor.

 It was getting darker outside when I snapped this
picture. To me this is starting to look like a normal

 This is a better picture of the living room rug. Maybe
Samantha needs a new living room set to take the
country-ness out of it. I will have to put on my thinking
cap and pull out of my other boxes.
The coffee table needs painting.

 The apartment is taking good shape. The chair
is very close to the edge.

 Steal a peek inside thru the bedroom windows. 
The windows look like there are
so many layers of paint on them. I like that look.

One last pic that shows the bed thru this window.
Take a peek!
Thanks for visiting and drop by to see me again soon!