Monday, April 16, 2012

Born Abroad

Marlene of Somerset House of
sent me a goody package. I am happy to be
the recipient of 2 of her cross stitched rugs - the 
tiger and the green one in the middle. I know
exactly which apartments are going to get them.
I never learned how to crochet but I love those
items. The blue and green crocheted blanket is
adorable. If I just fold it in half one of my
little dolls can have a shawl.
The christmassy apron is so cute. It has
hearts, a snowman and a gingerbread man on it.
The little white cotton doily will make a nice addition
to my sewing apartment. I will place it under the
cutting table to make that area bright on the wood
floor. When I went to the camper I took the 2
magazines with me. There are some nice things
in those magazines. Can you see the package that is
between the magazine and the cross stitch pattern.
That paper is instructions for inkjet fabric sheets.
With my trusty magnifier glass I read the directions 
while at the camper.
Inside of the plastic are 3 fabric sheets.
In a couple of days I plan to check this out.
I do plan on cross stitching the rug pattern as
soon as my eyes heal enough for me to be
able to see the holes in the aida cloth.
All of these items were in a little black compartmented
box. Some of this was wrapped up in tissue paper.
 The white tablecloth is so soft. I do not know yet
where I will put it. The cameo's will make nice
needleminders. There are 2 toys for Elizabeth's
children Ally and Allison. They will love them.
The jewelry pieces are really nice. They just might
get a makeover and go into a shabby chic room
that I am thinking of making. Marlene made me
one of her pipe cleaner dogs. I had never seen one
of them before but it is so sweet.
The silk hat was a surprise. It is so lovely.
Thank you very much Marlene.
I do like your package and I am glad to know that
you like mine.
Thank you for visiting me.
Many hugs and kisses sent to everyone,