Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hello Everyone!
Thank you for all of the sweet
comments that you have left me.
They are greatly appreciated.

WELCOME to all of my new followers!
I hope that everyone is well and everything
is going great this year!
Do you need some super easy miniature
dollhouse gloves!
This is the easiest ever!!
I had already tore up a doll when I had
gotten to her hands - so I cannot tell
you what the little doll looked like.
 Just look for
As long as the hands are small you can cut
them down to the size that you want.

I was trying to make these look like gloves so I cut
off a little from the top to make rings to go on the hands.
However I started looking more at regular gloves and
noticed that they did not have the bands at the top.
Now, I am discarding the rings I made.
They looked like
Onion Rings anyway - minus the smell and the color!
 I need to do some more trimming to make them
more rounder. Do make sure that each glove matches the
other in size.
 See how these hands do.
Squeeze them for pliability.
To give the gloves a more realistic look, pinch them
together and look at it.
If you like how it looks then you can do 1 of 2 things.
 1. You can put a small amount of glue on the inside
of the glove and put a binder clip on it till it sets. Do not
use a lot of glue or you will be able to see it through
the glove. That will look tacky.

2. Or you can do as I have done here and just put
a binder clip on each glove and leave for about 3
weeks. This will smash down the arms and give
a more realistic look. This is what I did however
I used a big binder clip.
( that is the clip that you make the
miniature pocket books out of.)
These gloves are going in the kitchen!
They resist
HEAT - so my doll can take her food out of the
oven and not worry about her pretty little
hands! Hahahaha
I hope you like these easy kitchen gloves!
Thanks for stopping by!