Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Birthday was Sunday!

Hello Everybody!
Hope all were well.
Finally I am loads better, just
with a little bit left to get rid of.

Hope everyone is having a good 

My daughter took me out to eat.
Garibaldi (Italian) sells only
spaghetti, pizza and noodles
So, I ate a vegetarian pizza.

You know it sucks to be allergic to
Many things that you cannot eat.

It was my birthday, my birthday!!
My sweet sister sent me presents!
She is always buying me
She is so sweet to me!

Love my card, sweet sister!!!

Sweet Sister!

I got one of these plastic wrap dispensers. 
Have never seen one of these newfangled things.
Have not used it yet.
Hope it is easy to use!
Looks interesting....hm...

Envelope hid a nice bar of soap!

OH MY!!! This bar smells good enough
to eat!!!!
I cannot wait to use it.

OOoooo I really do love this owl.
He is going in my bathroom.
The scents smell so nice!!!
You must try one of these. They plug in.
And they give off enough light to
where you do not have to turn on a light in
the room.
As well as giving off a lovely scent!!!
I think that I need one of these containers
in each room of my house.

Here is a close-up!
I think I might name him

A close-up of the scents too.
You can smell these without even opening
up the package!

Here are the directions for use and the
cup that you put the scent in.

Thank you so much sweet sister Lori!!!
I know I am going to love this!!