Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Apartment Widow Sarah - Widow Sarah's Treasures

A mini life can be anything that
your imagination desires!

Widow Sarah's Treasures.

Widow Sarah was in a hurry to move
into the apartment.
Too many memories that was
making her sad and depressed.
Isn't she young looking to be a widow!
Sarah and her husband had lived in their own
home for over 20 years before his passing.
Poor widow Sarah, she
misses her husband 
the handsome 'Bernard' so much!!

Now in her 50s life must settle down
They were the parents of only
one child - she being Hannah.
Hannah has helped her Mother move
into this apartment until some
nicer ones come available in the
building that she lives in.
I hope that time comes soon, cause
widow Sarah is so lonely.

Here, she sits waiting for her
daughter Hannah to arrive so they
can drink tea together.
Sarah is dreading the argument they will definitely
get into.
Hannah has been trying to get her
mother to get rid of one of the beds and some of the
other stuff that is crowding up this sweet little apartment.
Sarah is reluctant to get rid of anymore of her
cherished belongings especially
anything belonging to Bernard!
It is just too soon.

Hannah is sure that all of this dust
could be a health issue.
However, widow Sarah doesn't have the
energy or the gumption needed
to clean anything.

Poor widow Sarah needs a friend.

If you want to see a photo of the
handsome Bernard.
Then just zoom in on the picture that is on
Sarah's vanity.
A couple of curtains are down.
Hannah insisted on taking them down
and washing them at her house.
She will bring them back in a
couple of days.

The vanity is a piece of old
furniture - you know the ugly
cheap kind.
Covered it with pink fabric and some trim.
The mirror is one that widow
Sarah has had for a very long
What you see are widow Sarah's
treasures brought
from her previous apartment
where she lived with her husband

Look at all of the dust on the dresser.
Hannah is right and her Mother knows
She just cant help it.
No energy!
Hannah will come over soon and
dust and clean everything.
What a sweet daughter she is.

There is Bernard's desk.
Every day he
sat there reading the newspaper while
smoking his pipe and figuring out the bills.
Sarah cannot even entertain the idea
of getting rid of his pipes.

One of his pipes dates back
to the 1800's.
It has been in his family for generations.
The pictures beside the
bed never got hung.
Earlier they had been under the bed.
It would be nice to
hang them - but where?
The bed with the brown bedding on it was Bernard's
They slept in separate beds because of
his health.
Sarah cannot part with his bed.
And it doesn't matter
what Hannah says.
The bed is not leaving this apartment!

The old lace curtains were left
by the previous tenant.
She loves the old look of them.

Widow Sarah brought the red 
armchair that used to belong to
Every day Bernard would sit in that red
armchair and look out of a window.
If Bernard was here, he surely would
love this spot to gaze out of the

Widow Sarah did not keep her table
and chairs.
No room for them and
they were broken anyway.
Lots of room
here just for Sarah and some memories
that she needed to keep.

Look at that yummy cake
that Hannah baked yesterday. 
Widow Sarah has not even
taken a bite of it.

Another view of the kitchen looking
into the bedroom.
If that dresser was
gone - then you could see the bedroom
But Hannah cannot get Sarah to get
rid of it.
That's a shame.
There could be a lot of room here.

Look inside the window.
The apartment is on the 4th floor
so there isn't any worry about anyone
looking in.
Here you can see Bernard's red
armchair and widow Sarah's chair.
They are still a pair.

Four floors are too many steps
to climb for widow Sarah!
She is glad that she is not staying long.

Take a peek inside the windows.
Can you see
the widow Sarah just sitting
and pining away in her old 
blue chair.

Poor baby!
My heart goes out to her! 

Please come again to visit me.
Thank you,