Friday, May 15, 2015

Apartment #10 - MEET THE TAYLOR'S - Apartment Finished!

Hello yawl!!
How is everyone out there in blog land.
Sorry that it has taken me so long. I had 2 surgeries
and am feeling much better now.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments. They
are greatly appreciated.
There were quite a
few photo's that I wanted to post here for this
apartment. I hope you enjoy the photos!
Meet - the mother Delilah Kate Taylor and her
2 twin daughters Christy Rose and Misty Sue.
The girls are so sweet. Their hair matches the
color of their mother. The twins favor their mother.
I made Delilah Kate's pink dress.
However I did not paint her black shoes, just in case
I decide to put some dark clothing on her.
It is spring time and
they have all been outside hunting for
Easter eggs.
Delilah Kate and her husband are divorced.
They could not get along any longer so they
decided to call it quits. Thank goodness he
pays some child support. However it is still
hard for Delilah Kate to make ends meet. She
only works part-time because baby sitting
costs too much. When her girls go to school,
she will be able to work full-time Delilah
Kate works in the lunch room at the school.
She had to talk the landlady into renting her
this apartment. The landlady finally gave in
seeing that Delilah Kate could not afford
much more than this. The apartment is
small, perhaps too small for them, space
is at a premium. Every inch must contain
a piece of their life. How long they live
here is not known, however they could
be living here for a long time.
These dolls are new. I bought them especially for
the bunk beds. The bunk beds are only about 4 inches
long. I know they look big, but they are not. In
order for the dolls to fit on the beds, I had to make
sure that they were under 4 inches. And these were
the only ones that I could find that would
pass for 3 to 3.5 years old. Later I will
probably re-dress them into something else. These
little dolls had some cute pink boots. Hopefully
they were not too hot outside while looking for
their eggs.
This is what the dolls look like. They were called
Flower girls. I was really lucky that the seller
had only 2 of them left.
This is the back of Delilah Kate's dress.
This is what Delilah Kate originally
looked like when I bought her last
year. Her skirt was a thick navy blue
felt. She was dressed a little bit too
harsh for the apartment.
Whew! Delilah Kate sure is tired. She gets very
tired climbing up 9 flights of stairs. Exhausted, she
must sit down in her comfy little chair. A view from
her bay window.
The view in from the bay window looks into the
sitting area.
Inside the bay window, the ledge comes in handy to
display a few items. Later I will have to make an
Easter cake, but for now the chocolate cake with cookie
crumbles in it will have to do. Actually the cake is
an eraser, cut off at the ends and painted. The paint has
been on this cake for many years and still has not flaked
off. The cake sits on a little pink plastic thingy. I do not
know what it is called. When you buy a little doll in a
package these used to come with the doll so they
could stand up. I just turned it upside down and lightly
glued a piece of cloth on it, then glued on the chocolate cake.
In a moment after the excitement calms down they
all will drink some milk and have a piece of cake.
The 4 plates sit in a little Aida cloth (otherwise known
as Cross-Stitch fabric). I lined it with a piece of red
fabric and tied some floss around it so it would all
stay together. So far it has been holding up very well.
The little cloth is just a piece of the vintage curtain
runner that I made the curtains out of.
This is what the apartment looks like from here. This
is where the door will eventually go. However I am
seriously thinking about a sheet of plexi-glass. All
walls in all of these apartments pull out. None of them
are glued in. On the left is the bathroom. The tub, sink
and toilet used to be wood. Many years ago, I had
painted it cream. For this apartment I painted it
pink to match the kitchen and the wallpaper.
On the right are the bunk beds. The little girls bedroom.
Another view of the apartment with a different angle.
So I will be starting in the bathroom.
I left the inside of the tub and the sink, cream. Most of the time
a wash board sits inside the tub, unless someone
is taking a bath. Later I hope to put a stool in
front of the sink for the girls to stand on
to brush their hair and teeth. I still need some
pictures to put on the walls as they are a little
I need to make a few cleaning products and display
them on this shelf. You will notice that Delilah Kate's
pink robe is hanging beside the towels. And that in
the next photo, it is not there. That is only because
the next photo is an earlier photo.
When Delilah Kate washes clothes in the tub, she
hangs them on the hangers. This is the only way
that she can save some of her money. A little oblong
rug sits on the floor where the entrance into the
bathroom is. In this photo, a wall was removed so
I could get a better photo.
The wall beside the toilet is relatively bare. It needs
a few pictures. So far, I have not found anything
that I want to put there. The doorway looks into
the rest of the apartment.
I removed the closet to get a better view
into the bathroom. The side wall of the
bathroom has been slid back in.
I made the little dress that hangs on the
I had some fabric left over from the bed
and from re-covering the chair so I decided
to make a dress with it. A little pair of baby
pants with the feet in them go a long
way into making other things. I made
a dividing screen for this apartment, but
it was too big. It will go somewhere else.
This is the front of the little dress that
Delilah Kate made. It was just a skirt
with a pretty satin ribbon attached.
The back. Cute little pink ribbon
The closet was once brown. I painted it white and
changed it up a bit. I covered the back wall and the
inside of the little drawers with a cute
little pink print. The door with the cute little mirror,
used to be facing outwards when it was closed. The
door was supposed to open but it would not. I think
it was glued shut. After a lot of pushing, pulling and
with a knife trying to open it, it finally gave way
and opened. I turned the mirror so that it faces this way
as shown in the photo. Both doors are glued this way.
They will not open or shut anymore.
2 pretty pink dresses hang in the closet for Christy
Rose and Misty Sue. A mauve looking corset and
the pink dotted dress that Delilah Kate made.
On top of the closet is the lamp, mirror and the sewing
machine. A little plant also sits there.
The blue dress on the mannequin cost me only
$6.00 on eBay back in January. Such a good deal.
No one saw it!!
 UM - excuse me, Delilah Kate made this
dress for $6.00.
Why do I want to lie like that?
I am glad that I snapped this photo along with
many others before gluing on the bay window. You
can see things better. A view into the kitchen.
Delilah Kate was ironing her apron earlier. No room
here for any laundry basket. Delilah Kate is very
efficient. She washes and irons the clothes and then
puts them away. When she is done ironing, she then
folds up her ironing board and places it against the
kitchen wall. The iron after cooling is put away on
one of the shelves.
Look how good she irons - no wrinkles. Christy Rose
and Misty Sue love the cupcakes on their mothers
apron. Pink and brown go so well with each other.
Delilah Kate's bed is close at hand.
Delilah Kate made all of the bed linens in the apartment.
And she also made the canopy. The canopy is a cotton
handkerchief. It is still white and bright and is still in
great shape. All if did was  gather the top with thread
and a needle. I cinched it closed and tied a pink
ribbon around the stitching. Then with tacky wax,
just stuck it to the wall.
Her nightgown lays across the bed. It is also made
from a hanky.
Another view from the bay window area.
Here is what it looks like before the room
starts filling up. It looks so sweet.
A close-up view of the canopy.
A view of the bed from the
Once again, the bathroom wall is removed and some
of the furniture is removed to get some good pics.
Here is the fabric bolt that was made from a paper
towel. No curtains on the inside of the bay window.
I wanted it clear.
I hope that it does not look too bare because a
curtain is missing. But now you see why I only
made one curtain panel.
A close-up view of the items on top of the curtain.
There is still some more room to put more stuff
up there.
Another view from the bay window. Delilah Kate
hopes to sit down soon and rest her weary bones.
There were 8 eggs and each of the twins found 4
eggs. They were so happy. I debated whether to
make grass to put in the baskets. In the end I am
glad that I did not. I kind of like seeing the Easter
baskets a little bare. I also like how the eggs look
a little dirty.
This photo is here because I thought it was cool how
light was shining on her hair. The light bounced
off of the mirror that is on top of the closet and
bounced on her hair! How cool is that. You might
notice that on some of the pictures that the curtain
rod is leaning. I had to take everything out of the
apartment to fix it. It kept wanting to fall. It will
not fall now!
Delilah Kate does not have a jewelry box. She only
owns one necklace so she hangs it up beside the
flowered dress on the closet.
Here the twins are sitting in their chairs. Ready to
eat cake and drink a glass of milk.
In this view I have removed the bathroom wall and
the bunk beds.
The bunk beds are on the bathroom wall side. The
twins can hardly wait to eat those eggs!
The twins bedroom is very close by.
On the hamper is a little crown. When the girls were
playing, they forgot to put the crown inside the
I wanted to show you this robe. It is just like the
pink bear robes. Only the blue color is for boys,
but the girls can have blue also. I had 2 that
were pink and since they were twins, it seemed
to be much better that the robes matched in
color. These are stickers.
On the backside of the robe you can see
the long white strip which is a double
sided foam tape. Sometimes this strip
just peels off and sometimes it does
not. I have had some stickers that
took me days to get it all peeled off.
To me it is worth it, cause they are
so cute. And they are relatively
inexpensive. I bought them at
A.C. Moore crafts store. But I am
sure probably eBay would sell them.
The girls bedroom has a shelf on the
wall. To the far left is a little set of
suitcases that were inexpensive on
eBay. Perfect for little girls. The white
with blue trim was perfect for the colors
in the wallpaper. The robes are hung
up with tacky wax. Tacky wax is mostly
found in the candle sections of craft
stores.  Miss Pearl and the toys lay
beneath the robes.
A close-up view of the suitcases and the robes.
I hope you are able to see this photo. Can you see -
the inside of the robe? They are actual robes!
I found in my stash a set of apple bookends. They
are a little dark but they will do until I find something
more suitable.
Here are the toys beneath the robes.
The little play area - which is not big at all.
Here is where the play-clothes hamper is.
A little view on top of Christy Rose's bed.
See - not much room to play on the floor.
This is a tight apartment.
I do not know how this photo came to the end. There
must have been a glitch to put this photo here. I need
to make some clothes and put in the closet.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at apartment #8. I
had fun trying to make it all work.
Enjoy yourselves and take care. I will be visiting
your blogs soon!
Thanks for visiting me!