Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Bernice sets all alone pondering if
she has made the biggest mistake of
her life.
She wears her wedding gown.
Her door is locked and she will not be
answering it anytime soon!
See, she decided at the last minute not to
marry him.
She called off her wedding just hours
before it was to take place.
She called from a pay phone
to the church and left a message.
All of the people she knew,
would never be able to see her
She wanted a new life and decided
that this was the way to do it.
Maybe it was something he said, or
maybe not.
Perhaps she got cold feet!
Who knows what the problem
Surely she owes him an explanation.
He is such a good guy!
Bernice is so glad that this apartment is miles,
miles away from where she used to live.
In fact - it is a 2 weeks drive away from
where she was supposed to
be married at.
She covered all of her bases very well.
Her plan had been hatched for weeks.
The movers that moved her here were
from a small moving company.
They never brought a moving van into the area,
they came in a rented pick-up truck
and vowed never to disclose any
information about her.
In secret - so to speak.
He will never find her here.
Just in case, she assumed a new identity
under her new name of
Bernice Smith.
A common everyday name
in which every town probably had about
10 people that carried that same name.
She found someone to fake all of the
certificates for her!
They erased her old life.
She does not want to take any chances.
So, now she sits here, hopefully in peace
Soon, she will change her clothes and then
go buy some new ones.
Change her hairstyle completely
and down grade her job.
Work in something totally different.
She is thankful that she would not be leaving
any family behind, as she was an orphan
that grew up in an orphanage.
Or was she?
Keep an eye on Bernice as she will move
again and change her identity.
She will cover her tracks again, in time.
See this apartment that she moved into.

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