Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello Everyone.
I try to keep things simple if I can.

Samantha currently lives in the Penthouse in
She is the first tenant to rent inside this
old building.
Sam has never had the time to decorate
her apartment for quite a few reasons.

Needing a quick and cheap place to live,
the landlady offered to let her stay in
the 'Penthouse' while the second floor
apartment was being renovated. 
Of course Sam will have to contend
with the bathroom being outside
of the apartment.
However the landlady said that
eventually she will install bathrooms
in each apartment down the road.
It just is not in the cards yet for
her to do so.

So, Samantha lives in an old building
that is not even fixed up.
To make things worse she has recently
just lost her job!
The landlady will only let her
live here for a few weeks longer till
she comes up with some money.
I do hope Sam comes up with the rent

Samantha moved from Boston so she
could be near Mardi Gras.
She loves Mardi Gras and every year
she would travel from Boston to 
Louisiana on her vacation time
to spend a glorious week
here with some friends.

This apartment building is very close
to downtown. Perfect!
 Sam can walk anywhere that she wants.
Everything is in walking distance
to where she works.

See the state of the apartment. 
The front door is way back there
where the single window is.
You enter into this apartment thru the kitchen.
The floors will be nice once they are
laid down correctly.
And once the walls are painted the 
entire apartment will look really nice!
No bathroom space yet!

 The living area  and bedroom is really cute. 
I like this arrangement.
The bedroom is in the back - looks good, I think.

The kitchen is sweet with those 3 windows.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a table go the 
full length of those windows.
I will have to think about this and it might
take a while!
I am slow at putting my ideas to the test.

The windows are taped up so they do not fall.
I like to peep!

Looking in thru the 3 windows in the kitchen.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Apartment John Donovan or J.D. - MEET JOHN DONOVAN

Thought it was time  to see
my male doll in the apartment
that I made for him.
John Donovan is a writer
and at work he is known as
Majority of the time
he sits at his typewriter.
He works from home.
Goes into the newspaper room
once a week to hand in
his news articles.
J.D. is from one of those kits back in the
His clothes were made from coat linings.
As you can see I have not finished him.
He needs a tie and a jacket.
And a hat.
He needs a make-over!
He is a good looking gent!
A hit with the ladies too.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Louisana Apartments - The Beginning

Location: Somewhere in Louisiana
Built in the 1700's and renovated many times. Bare windows emits morning
sunlight as evening cast shadows. Electricity is non-existent here.
Air in old pipes spit and spat when the taps turn on. Doors and
windows don't open or close properly. Floor trims along
with cabinets get stripped, repainted and reused.
Appliances work only sometimes.
Tenants are happy as they enjoy life!

This building is called: The Louisiana Apartments.
It contains 5 apartments.
Built by my husband
 'Somewhere in Louisiana'. 
I only know that it is in the
French Quarter.
 I have never visited Louisiana.
There are some lovely colorful
pictures on the net with their homes.
Love the balcony's.
However my building is not modeled after any
of them.
Am not sure what I envision for this apartment
It would be nice if I were the kind of
person that - could own
one of those beautiful settings that I see posted.
(But I am not a perfectionists at what I do).
I just have fun!
Perhaps with time, maybe I will become that way.
Who knows..
Life always has a way of mixing into your
crafts in some form, way or another.
Life gets in the way with the blogs, but I try my
best for it not to.
I love the new, the lovely and the old!
Love the chips, the rips, the very worn (shabby) - all of this
which shows individual personality.
Real life is seldom perfect so why should these little
people have it so good!
What I cannot make, I have to buy.
Be a 'peeking tom' and take a sneak peak into those
bare windows.
Not sure what or who will be living
here or if things will stay the same.
I love change.

After my husband built this, I
was so excited that I started moving
in furniture before
even attempting to finish the
outside or the inside.
Windows are taped on, no wallpaper,
no paint, no flooring!

Most of my miniatures still remain
in boxes unfortunately.

Double click the pics and zoom in!

Its a tall building and takes up a lot
of space -UP, but then again so does
a large dollhouse!

BTW, I am messy - need to find a home
for all of that stuff on top.
I will get my dear hubby to give me
an attic.
Maybe an artist should live there.
The pic below is the top penthouse  apartment.

Every good home has to start
somewhere. Nothing is wrong
with living in an apartment.
Most of us start there anyway.

The total square footage of each
apartment is 378 inches.
Prime real estate!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello Everyone!

AKA 'Sam'.
Samantha is a 6 inch plastic/resin dolls.
One of the 'Dawn' dolls I believe. 
But not sure anymore.
She does not bend!
Many years ago, I glued on red hair.
I forgot what kind of hair it was.

She is posed in not the best of
It is only because she is
putting on her hose.
 I realize that you
cannot see her black garter straps but they
are there, accidentally

Her garter straps are just a piece
of black ribbon glued on.
Samantha has always thought
that she was sexy.
She thinks she is hot.
Hey, don't tell her any differently!
Just let her think it is so.

Meet Samantha.

Thank you for visiting me!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

CHRISTMAS - Christmas Tree Fairies

I bought these Christmas
Tree Fairies while visiting my
sister one year.
Back home we went to a
Goodwill store.
I found these.
There were 5 of them, but somehow
I lost the other one.
These Fairies are 5 inches high
making them perfect for a Christmas
As of yet I do not know where
I will use them at.
But I do look forward to one
day making a scene with them.
I wonder if I should give them
I forgot to take pics of the last
fairy. Very close to the first one.
So sweet!
Fairy #1
Sweet slippers look to be hand painted.
Cute stars and outfit.
Love the wings.
Burgundy bloomers.
Fairy back.
Burgundy hand painted slippers.
Fairy #2
Red outfit.
Wings have a red bead.
Outfit has sequins.
Numerous beads around the neck.
Red hand painted slippers.
Red bloomers and red hand painted
Lovely wings and clothing.
Fairy #3
Dressed in red and green.
Red velvet fabric.
Red sequin necklace.
Red bloomers.
Red hand painted slippers.
Green trim does not meet at the
back. But that is okay.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DOLLS - PORCELAIN - 8 Female Dolls That I Made

Back in 1994,
Hobby Lobby had these
little miniature doll kits.
The kits were only the head,
arms and legs.
Do you remember these kits?
I bought lots of these kits at the time.
Might still have a few of those
kits floating around here somewhere
in a box.
Back then, I strung them together
with pipe cleaners, but I did not
wrap any of them.
If you do not wrap the pipe cleaners
it make the dolls very flimsy.
I also dressed the dolls and
wigged them.
Do not understand how I did that, but
today my hands and my mind
do not want to comprehend it.
But these dolls need new clothing,
and need to be wrapped.
Plus needs a new wig!
Here are 8 females and one male
that I made.
The other male is a plastic doll
that I need to dress.
I only name my dolls when they
get used into settings.
None of these have been used.
Been boxed up for many, many
Not bad considering their ages.
Doll #1 - I think that I wanted her
to be an actress/singer.
She sure does have a head of
massive blonde hair on her head!
Also I am not sure if I put
that dot on her face or if
the doll came with it.
Like her stole.
She is very photogenic.


Doll #2 - Love her hair color.
Wears a soft black velveteen

Her hair is still nice.
I might keep it.
Does not look bad.

 Like the back also. Not too bad.

 Body needs wrapping.

Doll #3 - Dressed in a pink gown.
Has a white slip on underneath the
pink lace.
Glue stain on the white slip.
Oops! dust in her hair.
Do not know what I was trying to
make with the back.
Anyways doesn't matter now -
need to re-dress!
Doll #4 - Has a mass of curls
that I really love!

A pretty face with all of those curls.

Pearls in her hair.


2 unruly curls.


Doll #5 - Love her sandy color hair.
Black velveteen gown with white pleats.
Red ribbon trim with red roses.

Messy glue around the hairline.
Do not have anymore of this hair color.

Back of dress and hair.

Doll #6 - Blonde wears a bluish
green skirt with a matching
ribbon bodice.
Lace Sleeves.

Unruly mess of hair for bangs.

Blonde's backside.

Doll #7 - Brown haired beauty!
Needs wrapping and clothes.
 Do love her hair color and her
old-fashioned hair style.

Doll #8 - White gown with pearls.
Was very nice fabric for the gown.


My 2 males.
My red haired man.

 Thanks for visiting me!