Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Apartment #12 - Diana's Kitchen and Curtains

Hello Everyone. Thank you very
much for your sweet comments.
season has hit me pretty bad this year.
Sinus headaches, itchy ears and eyes, scratchy
throat just to name a few.
Of course it does not help that I have
many trees behind my house. I am positive
that my front and back yard would not
look good it was a rock garden.
One of these days I am going to move
to the beach where I can breathe
and live!
However, I do hope that all of you are
well and are enjoying your Spring!
I wanted to show you the progress on
Apartment #10. It is not a lot but I am
getting there slowly.
The Kitchen comes from The Playschool Dollhouse.
These little kitchens are just perfect to use. If you
remember the Kitchen in Daisy's apartment was
painted entirely white. I have decided to leave
this Kitchen in its original colors since this
apartment will be SHABBY.  The cute little doors
under the sink were missing when I got this kitchen
so I added lace. Also it was missing a shelf or
perhaps something big goes in this space. I do not
know but I think the little shelf is needed. I added
lace to each shelf and painted white the tiles behind
the sink. I have added bowls and cookbooks along
with other things to fill in the spaces.
Oh! Please do not look at those dirty dishes!!!
Everyone seemed to be using these sewing hooks
as coat rack hooks. This was a lovely idea and I
thought that this would make great curtain holders.
I am not sure if anyone has tried this yet, but this
works if you want a shabby look!
The curtains are attached to the bay window by
a little bit of glue. My daughter Pep painted
the window white for me and cut out the plastic for
the windows. This window will be fixed to the
dollhouse very soon.
Before I started with the curtains I cut a piece of
dowel the length I wanted. I did not paint it. I have
tons of this cotton lace that I am using for the curtains.
The side pieces are lightly pleated. I did not use any
glue or hairspray to keep the pleats in place. They are
natural and very soft. The valance is almost double
the length of lace. I pushed the dowel through
the little holes in the lace and threaded it through.
Soon, I will be hanging these curtains on those
hooks and putting in some small details.
Thank you for visiting me!!