Thursday, June 1, 2017

Apartment #6 - Granny's Sewing Aptmt - The sewing area

Hello my fellow bloggers!
How have you been?
I still hurt
very badly from the passing of my
daughter Pepper. I cry a lot and I
guess it will take me a while to get
over the crying spells. Anyone that
has lost a daughter knows how bad
this feels. 
I cry as I write this posting, but I
feel that I need to keep busy. So I
do so with a heavy heart. 

This is also another piece of the middle
of the apartment. This little miniature chair
is a peach color. Granny's generally do
not have anything that match, so I thought
it was fitting to put this chair in here.
It is made of resin, I think? Anyway it fits
perfectly in this space.

Raine and Willits Designs made lots of 
different kinds of these chairs. So many
of them are just beautiful! If you see them,
buy them and use them! They fit in well
with dollhouse miniatures.

Ooo, I finally got a very nice picture!
This is a corner chair. However it only
seats one doll.

This round table will set in front of the
corner chair. The skirts are in pinks.

The top of the table holds granny's post cards
and letters that were sent to her by her husband
whenever he went out of town. Now, she keeps
them on this table forever because she misses
him so much!!
She often reads them and cries when she is

This is where the corner chair and the table
will be placed at. 

A peek thru the window at the table!

A peek thru the window at the

This pink chair belonged to a sofa and another
chair. This was the only pic that I could find
of this chair, so here it is.

This is a little mini quilt that I started stitching
quite a while ago. Not knowing where I would
put it. Am so glad that it has found a home now.
Another quilt the same as this was hand stitched
by my granddaughter Elise. It is special to
me. But sometimes I have to make 2 of the same
I also hand stitched half of this quilt so I could
put it in a frame. 
For the quilting hoop, I used one of those
cross stitch KITS with the little hoop. They
come in colors of white and red. Perhaps you
have seen them, if not let me know and I
will post a pic of the little kits. 
The little white hoop is about 2 inches
around in diameter. Just the perfect size
to place on the quilt.
The hoop IS NOT GLUED to the quilt.

This is the cardboard that is included
with the hoop in the cross stitch kit. I
sewed it thru the backing of the fabric 
to the top of the quilt. Those stitches in
the front of the quilt are hid by the 

I was hoping that this would stay,
but it would not. In order to keep the
hoop on I had to stitch the hoop to the
quilt going from the front to the back
of the quilt and back again to the front.
Then pull each large stitch tight and
knot on the backside.

After I stitched the hoop on, I positioned
the quilt like I wanted in the chair.
I pinned the quilt to the chair in many
areas from underneath the quilt.
The sewing basket IS NOT GLUED
to the quilt.

I was hoping that you could see some of
the stitches on the quilt.

A little view from the side.

The quilt is pinned to the back of the chair.

Am glad that you cannot see any pins.

Everyone has seen one of these. Well, this one
is a little broke at the top. Blame it on the MOVERS!

I like the door that opens. Do
not like the pendulums though.

This is where the grandfathers clock
will call home.

A better view of the sewing basket.
I love sewing baskets! I bought this
basket a few years ago. I cannot remember
who I bought it from.

A look at what this section looks like.

This is so cute!
I love sewing baskets!

A side view.

Oh my, is it getting late?

Here is the sewing table.

Each shelf holds a package of real batting.
Each size batting is about an 8x8 inches. So
if I wanted to use it, I could. For the label,
I saved a picture and then printed it out.
All I did was wrap it around the batting. It
stays pretty good without glue. A little
yellow and black measuring tape is curled
up and sets on the top shelf beside batting.

The second shelf holds a little pincushion doll. I 
had completely forgot about her because I have had
her for a long time. She doesn't even have any pins
in her.

Below the sewing machine are 2 shelves. The bottom
shelf holds miniature quilt fabrics. They are not
glued in, they are simply folded and placed there
side by side. Each miniature quilt is about 7x7 inches.
On the top shelf there are some fabrics and a green
cutting mat.

I cut the little blocks from miniature fabric. They
are little log cabin blocks.

The sewing machine sets on top with thread on it.
The quilt is faux and is the perfect size!

Threads set behind the sewing machine.

I think this sewing basket is made of cream cross stitch
fabric. I have had this one also for many years.

Just a side view of the basket.


Looking in one of the sewing baskets.

This is the home of the sewing area. The sewing
basket sets on a green chair that used to be
I hope you enjoyed looking at this segment of
the apartment.
The last and final segment of Granny's apartment
will be posted in about 2 weeks. 
I hope you enjoyed viewing this segment.
Please be safe.