Sunday, November 14, 2010

BEDDING - Boyd's Bear Quilt - Cut Down to fit a Miniature Bed

Went to the thrift store, found this
cute little quilt.
Only 50cents - cannot beat that price!!
So I bought it.

I had never heard of Boyd's Bears.
Anyway there was no bear.
Thought that I would just cut it down
to size!

The quilt was lovely! 
Pretty colors, nice design,
machine stitched.
But it was big!
Must have been for a big bear.

The red fabric is very pretty!!
Love the paw print in the upper left hand
See the tag - said 50cents!
Ooo lucky me, I thought!

I believe that this little quilt was hung by a rod.
See the what looks like rod strips.

Blue tag.
This is the color of the backing.
The pic before this one shows it being
very light in color, but it is
not light at all.

I removed the red border all around the quilt.
Also removed the checked fabric that was
beside it.
I cut off a lot of the blue/green fabric on 2
of the sides.
I kept the blue/green fabric on the top and bottom.
That was to bring it down to a
miniature size.

These are the pieces that I took off.
The white pieces you see where inside the
quilt - used as a stabilizer.
For everyone that would be wondering
the quilt was made very well.

When I removed those pieces, I never cut the
back fabric.
I trimmed it some, because I turned in
the raw edges and hemmed it down on the 
front side.
I hand stitched it closed.

Thanks for stopping in!