Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thatching Van Buren's roof!

Thank you all for the lovely
comments that you have left to
me. You are all wonderful, sweet
A big WELCOME to all of my new
followers. I hope you like my blog!
Am still sick on and off. But I did
manage to get the roof thatched.
Boy what a mess!
I am in love with the Skylights! It has made a
big difference inside the dollhouse. Which I will
show you later.
 All that is left is to find plastic for the window panes, door knobs
and all of the other little trivial stuff.
 The skylights are not glued in and I do
not think that I am gonna glue them in.
I wanna be able to take them in and out
when I need to so I can get inside to move
things around. For now the thatch helps
hold the skylights in.
Not much to say on this posting.
Thank you for visiting me!
Enjoy your evening.
Many hugs and kisses,