Friday, November 7, 2014


Hello to All
I am so sorry that I am late announcing
the winner. This week my home has been a madhouse.
I am so distraught. My little Pomeranian
had to be put to sleep Monday night.  Four years
ago he had bladders stones. He went thru the
surgery with flying colors.
And now Ira got them again. He had many more
bladder stones and was in more dire pain than before.
An ultra sound showed that he had developed a heart murmur
and had leakage in his heart valve.
I have been crying my eyes out!! My eyes are sore
and they hurt. Every time I think of him I cry. If this was
a paper, it would be soaked with tears.
My little Ira was a young 8 years old. He was an Angel
that God graced us with.
RIP - My sweet dog Ira
So - I am sorry - please forgive me!
Thank you for the sweet comments that you sent to me.
You are one lucky girl. Please send me
your full name and address and I will let
you know when it is mailed.
Here are the names. There were 24 in all.
 My daughter Pep shaked, shaked in a small box.

And I drew the name of Leilani.
Thank you for visiting me. Please come again.