Saturday, April 5, 2014

Apartment #12 - Diana's Apartment Begins

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for the sweet comments.They
are greatly appreciated. I did not
realize that there was so much problems
with trying to follow a blog. I have
tried to follow at least 8 more people
and that has made me frustrated.
I am wondering if perhaps the problem
is with 'following people on google'.
I must say that it has only been following
with those pictures that this problem
has started with me.
Has anyone noticed that this is where their
problem started??
I have thought about getting rid of all of
that, just to see if that is where the
problem lies?
Thank you KIKKA for the interesting
comment that you left. That is a good
Anyway enough of that.
I do want to say that I was recently informed
that I am going to be a great grandma on 1 December!
This was a complete surprise!!
There is so much to do. I hope to be able to keep up!
 I have started on the top floor of the New York
apartment building. There will be 2 apartments
on this floor. Each apartment is 10 inches wide
and 15 inches long.
I painted all the walls, ceiling and the floors white
on this top floor. Both apartments will be in a
shabby chic style. 
The wallpaper for this apartment was saved from the net.
I found it while looking through scrapbook papers. This is
shabby and I love it!! I printed it out on printer paper
and pasted it onto the wall with modge podge. For this
apartment I like how the roses are a little big and the
stripes are fat!
There are 2 small little walls. The door to the apartment
will be against the white wall. The other little
wall makes a small alcove or a niche.
I am not finished yet with this apartment. There will
be a kitchen and a bathroom in here. A living area
with a bedroom will be in this space. As you can
see the bay window still needs painting. The outside
of that window also needs painting. I am slow but
I am getting there.
The shabby chic scrapbook paper was used on
a box that I recently sent to a friend of mine. It is
You can see the box and what I made on my
other blog:
When you print this out on printer paper, it
is not a thick paper so it is easier to adhere to
anything! The bubbles are easier to get out
Here is the paper that I printed out to use on
the walls. It took about 3 of these papers to
wallpaper this wall with the little side walls.
And each side wall is wallpapered on both
Isn't this so pretty!!
Thank you for visiting me!