Saturday, April 29, 2017

Apartment #6 - Granny's Sewing Aptmt - Kitchen

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all have been well!

Okay, Granny's apartment is finished!!
The way that the apartment is set up,
means that I cannot just take the pics
and place them here. You would not be
able to see everything if I did that.
So, I will post till finished!
Her name is Rose Marie Thomas but here
we just call her Granny! At least the movers
have been calling her that. (that's me).
Everyone loves
Granny moved from a larger apartment into
a smaller one because she lost her husband
Harry a few years ago. The memories there were
tearing her up inside. She has been diligently
getting rid of many things, her sofa for one
thing. It was big and really old.
She got rid of all of Harry's things except for
his pictures. She has no children, she is alone.
That is, except for the widow Sarah.
They became great friends 10 years
before Harry died and have remained friends
ever since. They help each other in many
Granny and widow Sarah are both ladies of the
1950s. So I hope their clothes will reflect
some of that. Widow Sarah needs re-dressing.

Today the 2 of them spend their time and days
making quilts and selling them for much
needed income.

I tell you - I was going for a decorating
style that nothing matched. But seems
that I cannot do that!
You know how old fashioned granny's
from that 70s era did not have anything
that matched. At least my Grandmothers'
things never matched.
The saying back then was 'waste not want not'.
They never threw away anything
even if it was ugly!!
The movers have been moving Granny in
little by little so as not to tire her out!
Granny is waiting for the movers to
bring in a box or 2. They will help her
unpack, put things away and remove
the boxes when done.

A sneak peak!
You can see where
the bathroom is going.

At one end of the apartment. You can
see where the apartment owners are
putting the bathroom.

The movers helped Granny hang her lace
curtains. They put the food in her refrigerator
already and put all of her cleaning supplies
under her cabinet. Not much storage in
this apartment, but she does not
need anymore room than this.
She kept her cutting board and placed it
behind her faucets. She has a couple
of kitchen towels folded up and placed
on white of the tiny shelves.
The blue and brown tall plastic things
are her drinking glasses.
Her honey pot is on the top shelf. She
had to bring it here cause it was
a gift to her back in the early 70s.
A few pink cups with saucers is all
that she needs.
She is warming a hamburger and French
fries in the microwave cause one of
the movers is so hungry!
He will take
his food and go - ever so thankful to her!

This refrigerator and sink first started out
white. I then painted it pink - that did not look
very well in this apartment. It was too shabby
looking for the wallpaper! When I painted it
a soft green - I knew then that this was the color
needed for the apartment.
Granny is happy with it!

The wood accordion style hat holder beside
the door is the only thing in the entire
apartment that is left in its original form.
I wrestled with the idea of painting it, but
thought better of it, since most everything
in this apartment is painted.

In this pic you can see the lace panel a little
better. Looks sweet - kind of like Granny.

No room for her dish drainer to set near the sink,
so she must use it and then stick it back on top of
the refrigerator. It will be its new home. 

The pot marked 'Bread' is no doubt my favorite!
I have owned it for many, many years and do
not remember how I acquired it.

I love the oldness that paint creates.

The inside reminds you of how much it was lovingly
once used. Now no longer useable to make food.
A pot now to store bread.

Granny's apartment should be called
'The apartment of ribbons'!
I have used lots of ribbons in this apartment
then in any other!
The lace is pieces put together 'bought at the
store' like that. The bottom layer is white, the
middle layer is a soft pink and then white again
at the top. I glued this lace at the window at the
'tippy top' part of the window!
I love the beautiful curtains that you all make, but
I can hardly cover the windows up - as I like to
be able to see thru them to the inside.
Perhaps I am a 'peeping hopblogger'!!

I thought that the only thing needed was a simple
valance. It is made from a ribbon that a friend
sent to me. The ribbon is 2 inches high.

To make this ribbon valance - I measured the
width of the window and doubled the ribbon.
Then I turned in the sides and hand stitched
them closed. I ran a small running stitch at the
top and gathered it all to fit the window.
The ribbon only covers a little bit of the window.
In order to get the ribbon to stay up, I had to
glue it to the wall. The only part that is not glued
is the bottom part that hangs below the window!
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pics and
learning a little bit about Granny.
Next week another posting as the movers help
her move in her bed.
Thank you for visiting me!