Thursday, February 14, 2019

Apartment Penthouse #4 - Bedroom area

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your kind comments!

I have been so busy lately. 

Have played around with this Penthouse again.
Here is the bedroom. 
It is located near the  the front door and behind
the bathroom.
I used the same bed previously was used in Bernice's
apartment - I think?
I like to be able to see the bed thru the windows.

I had to move the vanity cause I put this closet in.

Looking in thru the window the bed centered 
along the wall. 

I moved it over towards the end of the 
Don't like this that much.

Decided to change beds to one that
Julie Ryan gave me a year before her
Its a little shabby chic looking.
Don't think it will work here.

Nevertheless, I still tried working with it.
I moved it over towards the end of the wall
Still not enough room.

Next - I moved the bed  against the wall but
not centered on the window.
Not good!

As you can see - still no room. 

I was playing around with furniture too.
I have piled it in where the kitchen used
to be. 
Might or might not use this furniture.

Would love to hear your comments
on what you would do!! 
Thank you for stopping by!!