Friday, December 2, 2016

DREAMING OF BEING A BRIDE (a small tutorial)!

Hello Everyone!
I hope that you have been well!
Christmas is on its way!!

Charlotte is

Here are 3 small tutorials for
making my EASY bridal veils!
They only take about 5 minutes!

Surely you have seen these type of
skirts. Perhaps you know someone who
has one of them. You can still buy them
from thrift stores or online very cheaply
for a few dollars!
Unfortunately I never did take a
photo of the skirt that I used to make
my bridal veils.
When I first saw my skirt I immediately
saw bridal veils!!!
The skirt was a creamy
cotton with the lace inserts that you see
on these skirts here.
There are many different styles of the
lace inserts as you can see.

With this particular skirt you can get
about 10 bridal veils out of it. This type
is wonderful because there is a tiny lace
for the hem. This cuts down on the
amount of work to be done.
Also, this skirt is about the right size for
the long bridal veils like mine.

There are not that many lace inserts on
this skirt, but I am looking for a skirt with
inserts like this to make black veils!
These would make small veils. These
lace inserts are only hemmed at the bottom.
No frilly lace hem here.

This skirt has gigantic lace inserts. Still
usable! Also has a pretty lace hem at the
To use this style - after you cut out the
lace insert, then just cut off the top that you
do not need!


I do not know if the skirts you buy will look
like any those above, but they are all
similar and the directions is still the same.

These little round gold rings are used
in the making of the 1st bridal veil.

 You ask - what am I going to do
with this plastic VINTAGE fork!
You'll see!!

1. Cut away the lace insert from the rest of
the skirt. This is what it should look like.
If your lace insert has an attached bottom lace then use that
for the bottom of the veil.
There are 3 ways to make this veil:
1. One way is to cut off that
piece at the top and stitch down the lower
pieces of lace that sticks out on the ends.
2. You can leave that stitched piece there and
hem down the lace pieces.
3. You can cut off the top piece and do not
hem at all.
See how that piece of lace sticks
out from beyond the panel, stitch it down or cut it

Either way is okay. I cut away the top piece to
show you.

I left the bottom lace edges there to show you that
if you want to, you can turn them to the backside
and a couple of stitches secures it in place.

If you would like you can hem all edges as in this
photo. Only a couple of stitches holds
it  all down.

Charlotte is a miniature doll that I bought from
You can find her on ebay.
I have had her
for about 3 years already.
Here she is trying on her veil.

She almost has it on her head!!

1. Make sure that both sides of the veil are even
by folding in half to get the center mark. Lay
your gold ring in the middle while you get
a sewing needle threaded. I use small quilting
needles with one strand of quilting thread.
Lightly pull some of the lace up over the ring
so you can sew it down.

2. Make sure that you are sewing the lace down
correctly and that it faces the hems.

3. Start at a corner and put in your knot.
Lightly hand-stitch the lace over the gold ring.

4. When finished knot it securely and cut
off rest of the thread.
Glue or sew on flowers, beads or anything
to your liking. The choice is yours on
how you decorate the gold ring.
I happen to like it plain and simple.

This is for the cap style. For the cap I used
an ordinary plastic bottle cap.
1. I cut a piece of cream
colored knit fabric bigger than the bottle cap.
Then I placed glue all around the outside of the bottle cap
and smoothed it as evenly as I could all
around the bottle cap.
Excess fabric is cut away and then glued to
the inside to hide seams.

The back of the veil. It is so lovely, I think!
These veils can be made as elaborate or as simple
as you want to make them.
I think I have about 4 of the lace inserts left.

Here you see what the bridal veil looks like spread
open. Also the edges are not hemmed, I just folded
them in towards the inside. I did not even
stitch it down. Remember it
had a lace bottom edge already on it.

As you can see, all of the fabric was glued
down on the inside
and the lace glued down over it.
I cut that fork and hand sewed it to the lace
and the fabric.
(The only reason why it did not hold down
into Olivia's hair is because she had a
permanent hat on her head).
I hope that
this keeps the veil on your doll's head!

Be sure to make sure that the comb is moveable!

Here is Ginger Rodgers!
Here are the directions on how to make this
Bridal Veil.
Am sorry that I do not have pics, but I did not
want to make another one.
1. After I cut out the lace insert. I machine
stitched lace around all the edges.
2. Measure ANY lace piece up against
your dolls head and cut the desired length.
Mine is about an inch long.
3. I gathered the middle of the lace insert
(just like I show you with the gold ring)
and I hand- stitched the lace to the inside
of the little headband.
4. Glue or hand stitch beads down on top.
5. LASTLY, hand stitch A FORK
onto her hair.
Just open up the fork and place in her hair
like you would do your own hair.
Be careful and do not break the comb!
I do hope that you like how easy it is
to make these bridal veils!
As always I hope you enjoyed this
Thank you for visiting me!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hello Everyone!!

How have you all been? Have you
been making mini's!!

This is the last segment of Amanda
Grace's Sewing apartment. This apartment
is located in Louisiana in my old apartment
Here is the sewing side of the apartment. All n all
I am very happy with the way it has turned out. I
still have room to put in the other bride doll and a
few other mini's.

Amanda Grace hung this up the minute she moved
into the apartment. The apartment was affordable.
'Home Sweet Home'

I guess you can call me a 'Peeping Tom' cause I
love to look into the miniature windows. That is
the only reason that I try not to put up any curtains.
Olivia Evans is trying on her wedding veil!

I try not to glue hats down on my dolls heads
because I like to change things too often. I feel that
it locks me into a certain look.

The bridal veil is so lovely!!! I hope you agree.

Amanda has been hard at work on this veil trying
to make Olivia happy.

Amanda Grace is on the floor straightening out
that lovely veil!! She needs the money to help
with her bills.
Also is a better view of the crochet doily that was
given to me by my friend Lynda. Lynda crochets
the loveliest granny square bedspreads, afghans and
rugs. Check her out on e bay. You will know her site
cause she has the prettiest granny square bedspreads
made from SILK!!!
A few postings back is a link to her site!!!

The veil turned out better than I expected! It is lovely
at the back of her gown.

Olivia loves looking into the mirror just like all
Bride's love to do. Things must be perfect!!

The cutting table is a table that I had that was
missing its drawers. Nothing wrong with nooks to
stash something in. Fabrics are stored on the little
boards under the table. My fabric boards are generally
a piece of white cardboard. But the white one you
see there propped up against the table leg is a piece
of balsa wood painted white.

The top of the cutting table has a little black
stand that holds a couple of little ribbons. I made
the shoe pincushion with strawberry.  I also
made the heart chatelaine for the scissors.
The cutting mat with rotary cutter is a print
that I printed out of cardstock. A little box of
floss that I do not remember where I got.
The little bit of fabric you see is a long
piece  that is rolled up on the floor. Sorry
you cannot see it on the floor.
I made the pink and white striped little
arm ironing board.

A table top view. The little white scissors was not
of my own devise. Someone had the bright idea of
opening up hooks and using them as scissors. I do
not remember who started it. Sorry.

The mirror was from a large compact. I painted
some strips of lumber and cut them down. They
are glued onto the mirror itself to frame it. On
the back of the mirror is a piece of white foam
The bolts of cloth are stored here. The cream
colored one is actually a paper towel. To
the right is the front door.

I took an extra ironing board and padded
it lightly. I then applied cross stitch
fabric and glued it down. I followed
it with some pretty pink ribbon. On top
is the iron and the cord hangs down.
I also made the pink and white striped
ham. Amanda loves to use these things!
A piece of light pink ribbon dangles
across the board.

A view of that side of the sewing area.

I have made 2 vests in which one is
draped across this ironing board waiting
to be ironed. I took an image and resized
it very small. Then I glued the side pieces
to the back that you see here. It was just
too small to hand sew. The vest was
called 'country blessings vest'.
Both vests turned out so well!!

In this photo you can see the image so much
better. It is so clear!!

I moved the ironing board aside so you could
see the black manikin and the other vest I made.
Better pics will be seen at the next photo. 

This table has a bar on each end of the table.
Here is the other vest that I made. It hangs
here. It is the same size as the other one.

I love the sewing baskets and chests. I did
not make this. They are so inexpensive
that I cannot resist them.

A close up of the vest.

A cute little basket holds threads. the bigger basket
was also an item that I bought from ebay.

I have had this basket for a long time. I have
forgotten who sold it to me.

Finally we reach the sewing table and chair.

In the chair is a little red chair pad made from
leftover curtain fabric. This sewing basket was
also bought from online.

A little piece of lace is on the sewing table
being sewed. Amanda likes cone thread. It is
cheaper for her to use.

I made the dress and hat in a bohemian
style. I love these styles cause anything

The hat was just a little piece of lace sewed
together. The ribbons were glued on.

A side view.

The full ensemble.

The dress without any hems.
Amanda has not gotten any further,
so her dress is not completed yet.

A close up of the back. I think that I did
glue the back closed. The piece of lace
going around the top is also glued shut.

This is the front.

A side view.

A back view. This was before
the top was glued down. However
the lace on the bottom of the skirt
was sewn on before the dress
was placed on the manikin.

You may recognize this manikin as being black.
I painted it gold.

I have had this cabinet forever. I believe it to
be rare as I have never seen another one.

On the top is a resin cup holding excess scissors.
A little sewing machine figurine and another
pincushion that I made from a shoe.

The cup was given to me by a dear friend, Catherine
over at

The little doors open.

The drawer opens to show many cards that I
made many, many years ago. They hold floss.

The floss cards hold different colors and are in 3
rows. These are so small. Amanda use to cross stitch
but right now she is taking a break from it.

Inside the cabinet, below the drawers hold many
things, buttons and more pincushions. A pair of
purple scissors in a thread spool.

Buttons are beads with holes in them. Ribbons also
are here.

There is not anything in the drawers. I cannot decide
what to put in them.

Some books and threads wound on metal spools.
I also forgot where I got them.

A better pic.

A better pic.

Glued to the opening door is a seat that I made.

Top view shows pillows. I made the cardboard
spools that hold lace.

The lace and ric racs are very tiny.

Below under the seat are some crochet threads.

Another sewing basket hides beneath.

Some knitting needles and buttons on cards.
Thank you for visiting me!!!