Monday, April 2, 2018


Witch Carpet Bags.
Carpet bags - Oh how I would love to own one
of them for real.
Many of us know how to make the purses
from those black metal binder clips, but
some do not.
Recently, I was asked to post the directions
onto my blog.
For the lady that asked me, I hope you can
understand the way that I made it.
Especially since everyone has their own
way of making them.
But the procedure is still the same.
By no means can I take any credit of
creating this idea.
The idea was not mine.

Here, I show you my 2 versions of witch carpet
bags that I have made.
But in order to show version 2, then I must show
you how they are made.
These are bags are easy, just time consuming.
But once you get the hang of it, you
can make it pretty fast.
Of course - these carpet bags do not open!
Version 1 - first carpet bag that I made.
Version 2 - carpet bag I made.
SUPPLIES for both versions:
1. Black Binder Clips (2 inch wide).
2. Fabric of your choice (3in X 5inches).
3. Lots of tacky glue.
4. Leather or your choice of trim.
5. A Halloween button to use as a clasp.
6. Have a couple of straight pins in
case you need them.
7. (version 2 only) Jump rings (2).
8. (version 2 only) Tiny round suede cord.
These binder clips are big.
They measure almost 2 inches wide at the base.

The fabric that I am using is thin, but you can use
any fabric.
Just test it first to see if you will like the thickness
of the fabric you plan to use.

With your fabric already cut, position the binder
clip to where the 3 inch side of the fabric is
Position the clip in the middle and make sure
that both sides of the fabric will cover the binder
clip up to the top.
(You should have already removed the metal
clips, but as you see I did not remove them cause
I wanted to use them as handles).
(To remove the metal clips, take one clip and
put half-way down and squeeze the clip and pull
it out. Repeat with the other clip). 
If all looks well, then put lots of glue on the sides
and bottom of the binder clip as I show here.
With your finger spread all of the glue around.

Make sure the bottom glue has also been spread

Now, position the binder clip in the
middle of the fabric.
(I started away from me).
Make sure the one side goes all the way
up to the top.
Smooth out any fabric.
Make sure that the bottom fabric is also
smoothed out.
Now, bring the fabric up and smooth it out
on top of the glue making sure the fabric goes to
the top.

It should look like this when finished.
Now, is when I take the metal clips out.

What you are looking at here, is inside of the
clip, thru one of the open sides.
Squeeze out lots of white glue on the inside of
the binder clip.
Spread the glue around on the inside to the edge,
in all cracks
and corners and even at the top.

To start - hold the clip like this and tuck in some
of the fabric, making sure to give a crisp edge
on the binder clip from top to bottom.

Next, tuck in the other side.
Be sure to make a crisp edge from top to
bottom also.

With both sides tucked in, and nice crisp edges, the
tail should look similar to this.

Here is where it gets tricky!
You need to play with this tail by folding in the
fabric on the sides so that it starts to close
on the sides.
As you move up to the top, fold the raw
edge under so that it will be hidden on
the inside.
When you are satisfied as to how it will
look, then proceed to the next step.

Glob on the glue, spread it out with your
fingers on the inside and to the edge.
I have some glue on the inside fold also,
if you can tell.

Next bring up the fabric, turn the top raw
edge under to where it goes inside of the
binder clip.
I have a straight pin holding it up there.
I also took another straight pin and fixed
the edges to where the fabric folds in.
Also, used the pin to add some glue to where
there weren't any.
All edges must meet together.

It should look similar to this after the glue
has dried.

After both sides are finished.
The carpet bag should look like this.
Now, cut thin strips of leather or use narrow
ribbon or any other trim and glue it close
to the top all around the carpet bag to
hide the edges.
This gives you a nice finish.
Position your spider or a different clasp there
to hide raw edges.

Cut a long narrow strip of leather/trim for a long
shoulder strap.
When you like the length, then position one side of
the strap as you see here and glue down.
Let dry before gluing the other side.
Then cut a narrow strap about 1.5 inches
long to use for a small handle.
You must bend on both sides a little piece of
the handle in order to glue down.
Glue one side down at a time.
Let that side dry before gluing down the
other side of the handle.
Should look similar to this.
The front of my witch carpet bag.

The back of my witch carpet bag.

You will be using the same size binder clips and
the same size fabric - 3 X 5 inches.
Am not sure what kind of fabric this is, but
it has a loose kind of weave.
It was given to me.
It works perfect here for this
witch carpet bag!

This is the narrow suede cord I used.
I have had this for years.
My daughter gave it to me years ago.
Not sure if it is children's suede shoe laces
or adult shoe laces, but it is very narrow,
and cord like.

Cut 2 pieces of cord 1.5 inches long for handles.
Also, cut 2 pieces of cord a little over 2 inches
for straps.


You will also need to cut 2 pieces of fabric
3 X 1.5 inches long.

Now, make the bag according to the directions
Start here!
Make sure the clips are still in.

The finished carpet bag is at the top,
below is (1) of the scraps of fabric
that is 3 X 1.5 inches long.
I positioned both suede cords onto the
right side of the fabric.
Place them as you see here in the spaces
between those black bars.

Glue the cords onto the fabric.
Let dry some.

Next, add glue along the edge as you see here.


Add the other piece of fabric on top keeping both
right sides of the fabric together, place
on top and press down to glue
the 2 pieces together.
Let dry.

After it dries, open up the fabric it should look
like this.

With one hand, squeeze the clamps together
and open it up.

Place the cord/fabric piece you just made inside
the binder clip.
Be sure to keep the cords even and spaced
between the black bars.
Now, let go of the clamps, the tension
of the clips will keep the fabric and cord

Now open it up.

Open up the fabric and flatten both sides
down to their sides.

Remove the metal clips.
Trim the fabric down to where it is a little
below the black bars.

Do one side at a time.
Lay down a line of glue on the black bars.

Press the fabric down onto the glue and with your
finger nail or a straight pin, tuck under
any raw edges.

Do the other side the same way.
Notice the end edges, they will need to be trimmed

Trim down one side, fix one side before doing the other
Start with one side and trim down the edges just
a little below the black bar.
We do not want to see any of the black

Apply some glue and fold those
edges in so that you do not see the
inside of the black binder.

When that side is dry, then do
the other side the same way.

Both sides will look similar to this.

See how the edges look a little rounded.
Be sure to smash it into the glue
some more so it flattens down.
The more you smash and press in with
your fingers, then the more it will
flatten out.

For handles: take the (2) 1.5 inch long cords
and bend the edges up a little.
Add a little dab of glue to one small edge,
place down onto the fabric and hold in place
till it dries.
Put the glue on the other side of handle
and glue it down also.
Hold down till it dries.
Repeat with the other handle.

Both handles will look similar to this.

If your jump rings are not closed, close them now
with pliers.
Put one jump ring on one strap and glue the strap
down to just a little below the ring.
Do not glue the ring down, it should move.
If the cords are too long, then trim them to
where you want them.
Now, all done!

Thank you for stopping by!