Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello Everyone!

another witch!

The youngest of the Triplets

Permillia, located on the right
is the oldest of the 3 sisters and the tallest.

Sophillia is the younger of the triplets.

There are some slight differences
between  all 3 of them but not much.

You have not met Clotillia yet.

Sophillia is a little fatter than
Permillia. She is still busty.

Lets talk about Sophillia's skirt.
Her skirt is a piece of
the bottom part of a sleeve from a black ruffled shirt.
The shirt was very small and the sleeves
went  past the elbow, being a see-thru black nylon.
This triple ruffle was at the bottom of the sleeve.
And it was just begging to be a skirt.
The sequins were already attached to the
sleeve already and I just love
how it looks.
It is nylon and polyester but it feels very soft to the touch.

Permellia is so proud that one of her sisters is back
How sweet, Permellia has her arm around her sister!
Sophillia has surely been missed!

 Here are the backs of Sophillia and Permillia.
Love the sequins that go around
the full skirt.
The black bow was made from a piece of the
upper part of the black nylon sleeve.
Sophillia's hair is also long and the 
same color as Permellia's.

I love the look of 3 ruffles on the skirt.
The sisters look different  in their
style of clothes.

The sleeve was already sewn into a tube
shape. All I needed to do was to
turn under the top, and gather it to 
fit around her waist.
the skirt took only 5 minutes to stitch up - perhaps
not even that long. 

For the bodice - I cut out a shape for the
sleeves and for a long torso.
My first attempt was too small and I had
to make it bigger. Great I still had
a little more of the stretchy
baby fabric left.
Anyway my second attempt fit her. 
A long strip of black nylon was
tied around each arm into a bow.

 When you enlarge this photo - you will be able
to see the collar better.
The collar is a long piece
of the nylon sleeve just hand stitched
down into place.
I started in the front of her blouse,
stitching it down in the middle
of her shirt - stitched around her neck
till I got back around to the front side.
And then all I did was cut off some of
the nylon as it was too long.
Then I twirled the rest of it,
and anchored it down with a few stitches.
It kind of looks like a bow, but still
do not realize how that happened.
Around her
arms near her wrists are some more black nylon
tied into bows.
I did this to take the flare out of her
pink sleeves because you could see the cotton underneath
the pink.
Putting black bows there takes your eye away from
She does look a little fatter in the arms than Permillia.
However their faces are the same. And the way to tell that
is around both of their eyes. Their hair is a little different
but thats only because Permillia has looked this way since
she was born. Only her outfit changed to make her
into a witch.

 I am holding up Sophillia's skirt to show you the
her half-slip is not hemmed.
It is a piece of the upper section of
the nylon sleeve.
On this half-slip I merely gathered the top to
make it fit around her waist.

I have raised up her half-slip to show
you what I put underneath.
At this point I will tell you that
the pink leggings and the pink top along with her
pink witch hat are all made from a babys sleeper.
I used every piece of it that I could.
However I did discard the feet.
 I am starting to love that forgiving
stretchy baby clothes!!

Not pants, just leggings!

Each legging is just a tube. 
 Just decide how long and wide you need the
legging to be - cut it out - then sew up the back seam.
So quick and simple.
After I sewed it - I just pulled
each of the leggings up close to the top of her legs
Do not worry about making them too long. If you do that
then just turn under the top of the leggings to however
far you need it to go.
If that does not work, just gather them up there.

 See here on this photo - I wanted you to see the
white cotton that is under her shirt.
It is helping to make her fat.
The leggings just sit up there and they have not
fell down yet.
I made her shirt long to help cover all of this.

Her hat is simple to make.
Basically all of them are made the same.
A brim and a cone.
 Her pink witch hat has a long piece of
black nylon that I twisted and stitched
down onto her hat.
I did this about 3 or 4 times
until I came to the spot where I began.
The remainder of that is tied into a bow.

I want to put charms on her hat
but I have not found what I am looking for yet.
Thank you for stopping by!